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If You Have Fallen Behind, Sprint To Catch Up

If You Have Fallen Behind, Sprint To Catch Up



As technology quickly and efficiently advances, it can be difficult to constantly be ahead or even caught up with your competition. If your company has fallen behind in technological advancement or social media, do not think you are the only one that has done so, but the time to catch up is RIGHT NOW! To put it in perspective, imagine a friend of yours is training for a marathon, and is already running 13 miles a day, and you decide you want to run the marathon as well. You have two options: To pace yourself finish 10-20 miles behind them, or push yourself, train, and cross the finish line alongside of them. As a business, the decision is yours. You have already placed yourself in this “marathon". Here is how to get your business back into shape as soon as possible:

1. Ketch 21


In 2011, Intenxus LLC (pronounced “In-ten-cious”) was formed to offer unique solutions for the global growth in SAP software and services. In 2013 we changed our name to Navigantt to better align our brand with our core values as a company – we provide clear leadership (Navigation) for complex projects (Gantt chart).  Now in 2015 our focus has expanded to offer services in Technology strategy and Road Maps, Carve Out Acquisitions, and SAP systems Implementation and with that new focus comes our new brand – Ketch. Our Methodology leverages decades of Global SAP project leadership, tools and templates to deliver projects on-time and budget with clear visibility to status at every level of the program. Our solutions leverage SAP Business Intelligence, Business Objects, HANA, and the Sybase Unwired Platform to bring secure, real time data, information, analysis and interaction for the SAP marketplace.

“Our experience is clients want an integrator that has depth of experience across industries and best practices; can provide executive strategic guidance and planning; has the experience with complex, global systems integrations at an affordable cost.  The previous options available in the market have been high experience/high cost or offshore integrators at low cost – our model is to bring highly experienced, flexible and collaborative team at reasonable costs supported by a methodology and toolset that ensure success and reduces risk for these complex business initiatives.” - Chris York, CEO & Principal

2. Idealist Consulting 5

Idealist Consulting

Founded by a Peace Corps business development volunteer, award-winning Idealist Consulting is dedicated to providing nonprofits, private sector businesses, and government with advanced technical solutions that help them run more effectively. Whether it is Salesforce database development, website integration, or technical training, we make every effort to provide thoughtful, ethical and approachable support. Idealist Consulting is recognized as one of the original Salesforce implementation partners and has been the top-ranked consulting firm on the AppExchange for five years running. A certified B Corporation, Idealist Consulting has implemented over 700 projects and is endorsed by Gartner for high-speed, low-risk Salesforce deployments.


“When engaging with our partners, we want to always provide value by sharing white papers and other information right from the start. Building proper expectations and having the right team in place to back it up allows us to reach our goals without challenging setbacks.” - Kirsten Kippen, Marketing Manager

3. iStreet Solutions 3

iStreet Solutions

iStreet advanced application hosting specialists are the heart of our secure network and cloud infrastructure enable services portfolio. The services are designed to deliver a short term ROI and a cost effective long term TCO by providing a fully integrated and SLA based, end-to-end cloud hosted solution for industry leading ERP and CRM software solutions from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Business are taking advantage of cloud-based resources to lower costs, scale more efficiently, and make applications more resilient to failure and more available. iStreet’s application hosting and management expertise helps our clients leverage the capabilities of cloud computing to achieve economies of scale and access resources when their business needs them, delivering results faster and at a lower cost. The services ensure long term operational excellence whatever the client’s business sector – financial services, electronic manufacturing, technology, healthcare, telecommunications, education, gaming or government. Mission critical and dynamic changes are the function of any business and we focus our professionals on the key individuals and functions of the clients business to ensure change management is comprehensive and cost effective. We provide enterprise-class solutions and seamless migration services to our clients, whether that migration is to an Office 365 hosted Exchange environment, a third party-public cloud environment, or a custom developed hosted application environment.


 “You have to have an eye towards the long term, regardless of the product or service you are delivering. You must have stellar administration, solid processes and focus on making sure you have the right plans and infrastructure in place to build a successful business.” - Mark Richter, Founder

4. reThinkData 2


We’re an exciting technology challenger brand established by recognized SAAS leaders in the association industry. Our flagship product, SimpleAPI, is the result of our two decades of experience in the industry. We’ve watched technology redefine the association space, giving organizations of all sizes unprecedented reach, connectivity, and management insight. We created reThinkData to bring positive change and innovative solutions to help organizations continue to thrive.


"Our product SimpleAPI is Industry and application agnostic. As a SaaS middleware connector SimpleAPI can be configured to solve what is often called “an unsolvable problem” because the solution is usually disruptive and needs to be an echo system solution that cannot be solved at the stakeholder level.  The disruptive nature of our business model requires patience and focus. Both are attributes  that are part of reThinkData’s DNA  - John Bell, Founder

5. AptDeco 2


The idea for AptDeco was born out of pure necessity: after numerous bad experiences dealing with current services, we all thought to ourselves: "there must be a way to buy or sell furniture without the scams, hassles, and creepy people going into your apartment!" From that lone statement AptDeco was born, and we're dedicated to creating a simple and (dare we say!) enjoyable process for buying & selling quality pre-owned furniture. AptDeco offers a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering amazing furniture finds for your home.

With a trusted and verified community of buyers and sellers, pre-arranged pick up and delivery and a secure payment process, you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy your finds while we take care of those pesky details in the background.


“Approach business one day at a time, how do you get your first, then 10th and then 50th customer. Success does not happen overnight, rejoice in the small milestones and plan for the future.” - Reham Fagiri, Founder

6. Liquid Planner 2

Liquid Planner

Project management is the lifeblood of innovation, yet it’s incredibly complex, fraught with challenges and hidden risks. To do it well requires a willingness to change and break from old tools and broken methodologies. LiquidPlanner is predictive project management for modern business. Our software enables people, teams and business leaders do great work. We’ve created a modern and predictive project management solution rooted in estimation, not unrealistic deadlines. Our predictive scheduling engine calculates dates automatically for every project and task across the entire project portfolio in real-time. As a result, we provide an accurate prediction of when work will be completed based on priority and allocated resources. LiquidPlanner is not a spreadsheet or task management tool – in fact, we’re pioneering a new way to work that fosters transparency, enables better workflow, and is available anywhere, on any device.


“The predictive aspect of our project management tool works in an automated fashion to gain huge efficiencies and ease of use for the project manager. This directly supports the speed of business today which is necessary to succeed.“ - Michael Merwin, Director of Communications

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