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Economic times are tough right now and people could use all the help--and inspiration-- they could get. Consulting agencies are battling it out for new clients and established firms are grasping to retain theirs, but what if their approach isn't right for the entrepreneurial climate? What if we need something new? Something fresh?

IdeaMensch is an innovative new way to think about innovation. The site combines consulting and crowdsourcing to help people launch their ideas. I spoke with founder Mario Schulzke for more insight on his company.

What is IdeaMensch?

IdeaMensch is a user generated learning community for entrepreneurs. 



What was the inspiration?

I have always admired people who took the initiative to bring their ideas to life, regardless of what that idea might be. At the time I was working in corporate Advertising and pretty uninspired with that. So IdeaMensch was a nights and weekends project, meant to make a small contribution to people I admired. 

Who is your primary audience?

Entrepreneurs from all walks of life. 

How has business been doing since you started?

Our primary purpose is to make an impact, not revenues. I feel that we've been able to grow our impact every year, so I am very happy with that. 



What has your biggest failure been with IdeaMensch?

I could always do more. I've invested a lot of time into IdeaMensch, but I could have always done more. That's a daily struggle. 

What has your biggest success been?

Last year we went on a 48-state road trip across America, organizing an event in every state. That was an incredible accomplishment I am very proud of. 

What advice would you give entrepreneurs just starting out?

Get started right away, and try to go all in all the time. What I mean by that is regardless of whether your idea is your full-time occupation or a nights and weekend effort, you need to give it everything you got. It takes an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears to bring an idea to life - and you need to be willing to make those sacrifices. Today. 




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