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Made in Chicago.

Olmstead and Olmstead

Olmstead and Olmstead



Finding Manassas lawyers in the area that fits your needs is just one of the difficult aspects of going through a divorce. At Olmstead & Olmstead, their firm has four experienced attorneys ready to assist you through your divorce or any other difficulty you may be going through. Timothy Olmstead has practiced since the early 1990s and holds a Juris Doctorate degree. Sevda Olmstead, Aaron Weaver, and Jennifer Wilson are all experienced in family law and child custody cases, and Sevda Olmstead regularly works on juvenile court cases and can serve as a guardian ad litem when necessary. 


At Olmstead & Olmstead, they know every divorce is different. They regularly work on contested and uncontested divorces, as well as property settlements, equitable distributions, child support, and alimony. The firm works closely with local Child and Family Services to determine the best interests of children and teens in volatile or uncertain situations. Their goal to serve every family with a balance of objectivity and compassion. 


They know tragedies other than divorce can splinter families. Every day, their attorneys see juveniles enter the justice system or struggle to cope with negative home situations. These children and young adults are confused, frightened, and angry, as are their parents and guardians. It’s easy for the adults in these cases to be overwhelmed with the worst-case scenarios the justice system often presents. 

They dedicate themselves to hearing every aspect of each case, and they will endeavor to help the justice system find solutions that are best for your family. Their attorneys are well-acquainted with counseling services and detention centers in the area and often help our clients navigate these services.


One of the most stressful parts of divorce, or any other family law case, is the paperwork. They provide online consultation forms that are easy to access, follow, and edit should the need arise. After you fill out a consultation form, they will set up an appointment as soon as possible; if it’s an emergency, feel free to contact them directly by phone or online. 

If you visit them online, you will find several positive client testimonials. Their services consistently receive five star reviews. Their clients guarantee that all our attorneys will walk with you through tough cases and get the best verdict possible the first time. They are determined to help each client achieve victory.

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