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How to Secure Your Business

How to Secure Your Business

By: Vlad Moldavskiy


Businesses make a tempting target for burglars. At night, they are empty and have more high-value items than a typical residence does.

Businesses lose as much to burglars as they do to shoplifters. To help prevent your business from suffering similar losses, ensure everything is secure. Criminals are looking for soft targets, so make it tough for them! Here is what you can do to make your business less of a target.

Physical Barriers

About 30 percent of all burglaries occur by entering through an unlocked window or door, so make sure all entrances are secured. Burglar bars and security gates may not stop all intruders but will make it harder for them to get into your business. Any obstacles to slow them down will up the odds of them being caught in the act.

Physical methods are only effective if properly deployed. Have a set procedure in place to ensure everything is locked up at night when the last staff member leaves. It is important to check from time to time that all bars are still securely in place and that the security gate tracks properly.

A Wireless Camera System

According to Nancy La Vigne from the Urban Institute, a study conducted on the effectiveness of security cameras in Baltimore and Chicago revealed that cameras could be a cost-effective aid in crime prevention. The key was how those systems were set up and monitored.

Wireless security camera systems perform two functions: they act as an active deterrent for crime and can assist in the capture of criminals, should a burglary occur. Security cameras should be set up to monitor all possible points of entry and exit along the perimeter of the business premises.

While it may be prohibitively expensive for a business to constantly monitor security cameras, this is not always necessary as most camera systems can be hooked up to a hard drive that allows footage to be recorded in case it is needed. Most systems allow for automatic backups to be set up and data can easily be overwritten when no longer required.

An Automated Alarm System

An automated alarm system, connected to a security company can be a very effective deterrent. Employees are given a code to disarm the system every morning when they arrive and just need to ensure that the alarm is set at night upon closing up.

Should the alarm be triggered, you can choose to have the security company respond or have them contact you. Most security companies have rapid response times, increasing the chances that the criminals are actually captured.

The act of the alarm sounding might be enough to scare off intruders as well. As mentioned before, criminals are looking for soft targets, and they certainly do not want to attract attention when committing a misdeed.

All in all, making your property as secure as possible is not only liable to help ward off potential burglars but is also likely to result in savings in terms of insurance premiums. Get into a set nightly routine when locking up. This is essential as all the precautions in the world will not be any use if you don't lock the door.

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