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How to Integrate Mobile Marketing into Email & CRM

Top retail brands understand it is critical to reach consumers on their mobile devices, yet many still find it difficult to integrate mobile marketing into email and CRM.

Is your marketing team is struggling with this integration? You are not alone! 

Today’s businesses that integrate their mobile marketing into email and CRM – must get it right! Mobile is the most personal interaction that a brand can have, and it is a reflection of the brand as well.

“Companies want to get mobile CRM right because it is a personal interaction with their brand and a reflection of the brand, as well.” 

~ Josh Herman, VP Product Strategy and Innovation, Acxiom Corp 

Integration of SMS into email CRM campaigns



In the past, mobile has been viewed as primarily campaign-driven, and was not integrated in cross-channel marketing initiatives. For mobile, organizations must focus on executing at multiple touch points to deliver optimal customer experiences.

Integrating mobile marketing into email and CRM technology is one of the single biggest challenges facing today’s retail marketing teams. Yet, this presents the largest opportunity for those marketers savvy enough to find a solution!

Businesses must move beyond only focusing on transactions and establish continuous interactions with consumers. Because mobile is everywhere, it is incredibly critical within the evolution and growth of not only your business, but also the relationship with your customers.

Another key ‘success layer’ is that by adding CRM to your email and mobile marketing, you can power sales promotion analysis, and automate tracking of ‘up-to-the-second’ customer data. Then leveraging email and CRM with mobile promotions provides marketing and sales with valuable timesaving coordination across departments – and in retail outlets – to obtain the real business value of your mobile marketing opportunities.

Here are the top three reasons you should integrate mobile marketing into your email and CRM:

• Personal, real-time interaction - mobile marketing powers your efforts to provide with customers in a timely and cost-effective way. Provides consumer insights and feedback at less cost than more traditional methods.

• Holistic, 360 degree view of customers - by including mobile in your email CRM initiatives, you'll have a more complete picture of each customer and more opportunities to cross-sell and improve customer relationships.

• Break down the organizational silos –mobile marketing that is integrated into email and CRM software, unites sales and marketing teams with a complete view of customer acquisition, retention, and sales opportunities.

Consumers expect mobile marketing promotions to be timely and personal, and businesses must focus on channels that satisfy these consumers and the impact to top-line revenue growth. Real, long-term value is achieved building and managing customer relationships, and ultimately brand loyalty. Mobile marketing and email marketing, properly integrated into CRM software will keep your customers coming back over and over again.

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