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How To Build A Culture With A Small Team

How To Build A Culture With A Small Team



Working with a small team has a long list of benefits and problems alike. It’s exciting to finally have a few people to work with, but suddenly, culture is an issue. How will you ensure a strong rapport amongst your team? It’ll set the stage for the future and have a large impact on the future, so it’s important to get it right. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when crafting the perfect culture for your startup!

1. Customized Workspaces

Nothing says “stifled creativity” like the typical corporate office. It’s a setting that entices absolutely no one, but as startup culture becomes more prevalent, more companies are shifting towards customized workspaces, and for good reason. They allow employees to express themselves a bit more freely, and it goes a long way in keeping a culture strong, unique, and productive. Beyond that, it’s simply a lot of fun to see how different team members decorate their spaces. It’s a great gesture keeps things light and entertaining, which is crucial when the going gets tough.

2. Regular Informal Meetings

One of the most frustrating things about working for a large company is how approachable management can be. It doesn’t plague every company, but it’s a highly pervasive problem that startups are uniquely qualified to tackle. Simply sitting down with your team on a regular basis solves an incredible amount of communication and culture problems, and it keeps employees motivated and encouraged. Building a great culture is impossible without strong communication with management, and keeping things open and informal creates an air of approachability in which company culture thrives.

3. Provide Freedom

One of the most important aspects of creating and maintaining an excellent office culture is to allow freedom. Of course, that’s not to say that team members should slack and put work off, but allowing everyone to go at a comfortable speed, even when the going gets tough, makes overall operations and culture more enjoyable. Best of all, it has a noticeable effect on productivity. When team members can work comfortably and approach problems in their own way, they tend to solve those problems with unprecedented creativity and quality. As for culture? Culture thrives only when everyone can express themselves, and unnecessarily stifling creativity and personality is the quickest way to suppress a startup’s culture.

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