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Community Blog / How Process Smith helps small businesses run complicated business processes

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One way to define a business is as a set of processes. For example, your business probably has one or more of these processes: sales process, new client on-boarding process, or a project bidding process. The performance of your company ultimately relies on the success or failure of your company's processes. Large companies understand the importance of process and have invested heavily in custom workflow management solutions. Small businesses cannot afford to invest in expensive workflow management systems and have had to rely on imperfect solutions or a lot of email back-and-forth.

With the importance of processes in mind, it is unfortunate how many business processes are done without any formal workflow or analytics tracking.  You have analytics on your website, why don't you have analytics on your office? Process Smith does just that, it formalizes business processes into workflows then runs the workflow, giving employees assignments when they are encountered in the workflow. With Process Smith running your processes, valuable process data is collected for historical records and process optimization. Process Smith is lightweight workflow software that takes the headache away from running complicated business processes.


Posted by Edward Anderson
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