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Hottest Wireless Software Companies

Hottest Wireless Software Companies



There are many new, exciting advancements in the world of wireless software technology. These companies are each harnessing that technology in unique and innovative ways to solve many problems in today’s businesses. From logistics tracking to environment monitoring, these companies are making big waves in the technology and corporate worlds. 


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1. ICOA 10


Ever wonder how wireless internet differs in a public space vs a private space?  Airports, cities, restaurants, etc. need more bandwidth to compensate for the high traffic, and ICOA makes that happen.  ICOA is a wireless internet provider meant for public spaces. They also offer back office support for their clients to help them control and administer the Wi-Fi service. They design, install, and repair the wireless internet so clients don’t have to.

2. SynapSense 1


SynapSense specializes in energy-efficient environment control. They use wireless technology to monitor the temperature in data control centers to help save on cooling costs. Large computers heat up fast, and SynapSense uses wireless sensor networks to keep track of the temperature in the room. They can provide cooling only as needed, allowing customers to save on cooling costs. They have used innovative technology to solve a real and unique problem in the IT industry. Their work has helped improve the environment as well as save customers money.

3. AeroScout 0


AeroScout, now a division of Stanley Black & Decker,  is a real-time location system (RTLS)provider that specializes in the healthcare, manufacturing, mining and security fields. They created the first RFID tag and are now leading the RTLS field. With the use of these tags and Wi-Fi, companies can more easily track their assets that are at risk of getting lost such as vehicles, storage bins, and other equipment that is transferred. Clients of AeroScout never have to worry about lost deliveries or transfers.

4. AirClic 0


AirClic is a wireless tracking system that uses cloud-based technology to help companies keep track of their assets. They specialize in food service, retail, transportation, and healthcare fields. They offer assistance in other parts of logistics by providing an electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) service and automating certain repetitive activities, removing the need for redundant tasks. The whole logistics process is made simpler with AirClic.

5. Funambol 0


Funambol is a white-label cloud computing service. A client can incorporate Funambol’s cloud-based technology product as part of their own service. Customers create a website and a mobile app and use Funambol to sync the information together in a secure way. Many companies have an idea for an online product, but don’t necessarily want to reinvent existing cloud technology for their own product. Funambol provides this service for them. 

6. MeshDynamics 0


MeshDynamics provides wireless internet service to larger, public areas. They specialize more in outdoor cities, town, military bases, mines, and industrial sites. Their current customers include the Defense and Homeland Security Agencies of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. They have provided internet for the military in Iraq. MeshDynamics makes sure wireless internet is available for people in all these different arenas.

7. 3Pillar Global 0

3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global builds software to help develop and grow businesses. They focus on three pillars of business needs in which to focus: innovate, accelerate, and elevate. 3Pillar Global’s goal is to help companies take an idea and grow it into a successful business. They jump in at any point during the business development process and help strategize, design, and develop companies. Their customers include Equinox, PBS, Sapienza, Liv-ex, and CARFAX. 

8. Reality Mobile 0

Reality Mobile

Reality Mobile works hard to connect all facets of a company. They work with government and commercial companies to connect team’s devices. With their technology, people in different areas can see what is happening on their colleague’s computer screen, mobile device, and map. They call this “mobile visual collaboration.” Their product goes a step beyond the other tracking tools by allowing real-time surveillance and rapid response tools. They work with customers such as the DC Metropolitan Police Department and security at Super Bowl XL.

9. Sandia Lightwave 0

Sandia Lightwave

Sandia Lightwave is all about cables and wires. They help build a technology infrastructure that includes installing Fiber Optic, Category 3, Category 5 and 5E, and Category 6 cables. They work for private and government customers. These cables can be used for video surveillance, industrial grade security locks and secure network software. They work hard to serve their customers and prove to them all the work has been done to meet specifications.

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