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Hottest Companies on MeetAdvisors the week of October 6th

October 6th- We had so many amazing companies participate in our polling that we could not choose just one! Here is our list of the hottest companies on MeetAdvisors that week. They are some amazing companies and we loved having the opportunity to feature them! 

1. Quest CE

Quest CE prides themselves on being the next generation of compliance training solutions.  Compliance training is training employees on the laws and regulations of a particular industry. We all have regulations that we must follow, whether it be a state or federal law, or a company or industry regulation. Health care professionals, lawyers, and education workers all have specific laws that they must comply with. These laws change often, and vary state to state; it is extremely difficult to keep up with all of these regulations.

Luckily, we have Quest CE to inform and train us on compliances that we have to follow! They offer several different products to help remove your stress about compliance issues. These include licensing and registration, continuing education, compliance supervision, and NAIC annuity training. What more could you ask for in a compliance training company? Not to mention the fact that The Business Journal named the top Milwaukee work place in 2010.  Quest CE serves more than 450 leading insurance carriers, broker-dealers, banks, and other financial institutions.

They made the top of our list, because they received a whopping 3294 votes on MeetAdvisors list of Companies taking away your financial woes! We were extremely impressed by the amount of support that they had during the week.

2. TechMD

TechMD, an IT service company, came in first on our list of Cali consulting firms, with 2799 votes! We know that having the IT blues is the worst, and so we think TechMD is awesome!

TechMD prides themselves on being a different type of IT Consulting company. They take the time to learn about each clients business and industry. They understand that to successfully help a company with their IT woes, they must first understand that company. Their goal is to work closely with their clients to help them leverage the best technology available. 

3. Square 9 Softworks

Square 9 Softworks is the developer of highly intuitive document management software. Their award winning software automates any paper intensive process with ease. They received 1375 votes on www.MeetAdvisors.com! We love digital, and any company helping take us from paper to digital is all right in our book. Their SmartSearch allows organizations to manage their documents in any business application where paper is a problem.  Their goal is to increase productivity for their clients by eliminating inefficient paper processes.

They have products ranging from document management and workflow to web forms to content integration and variable data printing. Essentially, they are everything you might need out of a document management software. 

4. Chargebacks911

Chargebacks911 made our list of top four companies from October 6, because they received over 2500 votes on MeetAdvisors, and we think that’s awesome! Chargebacks are a pain for companies; they are the return of funds to the consumer, after an outbound transaction has been made. According to Charbacks911.com 86% of all chargebacks are fraudulent, and bypass the merchant all together. Chargebacks911 works with companies to take control of chargebacks and increase revenue. What more can you ask for?

Chargebacks911 offers a free chargeback analysis, to help teach you with a no-risk report. They are working to teach companies about chargebacks and how they affect businesses.  The report also states how many chargebacks could have been prevented! That is some valuable info for a company that receives a large number of chargebacks.  

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