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Hiring Patterns That Lead to Success

Hiring Patterns That Lead to Success



If you are a startup, you are a growing company you are probably wondering whom it is you need to hire. As a young company, discovering which type of people you want working for your company is key. An interview process in which you learn not only about a potential employee’s credentials, but dissect their personality, past, and how they can benefit your company. Elevating your company to where you have always dreamed of taking it is possible only if you construct a strong, capable team. Here are several hiring patterns that will help guide you to success:

1. Rapid POS 1

Rapid POS

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Rapid POS provides sales, service, and support for San Diego and Los Angeles, including Orange County, Imperial County, and most of Southern California. As a point of sale reseller and systems integrator, Rapid POS has been successfully installing POS systems for small to medium-sized businesses since 1985. Rapid POS provides expert advice on the installation and implementation of point of sale systems and IT infrastructure. Rapid POS built their business on the assumption that smart business owners want to manage their information technology like they manage their legal, accounting, & graphic arts needs - they find quality companies with which to partner and treat these companies as trusted allies. Rapid POS strives each day to be this kind of partner while providing clients the benefits of our economies-of-scale.


"I believe the 5 minute phone screen, when armed with the right questions, can teach you a great deal about the candidate. For our tech team we go even further with a rigorous exam to remove some of the subjectiveness from the hiring process.” - Bart McCleskey, Owner

2. Upside Commerce 1

Upside Commerce

Upside solves this problem by tracking over 48 billion online consumer psychographic expressions (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+) which our algorithm converts into unique, actionable demand signals with offline (in-store) attribution for 365 leading brands and products. Our predictive monetization modeling accurately forecasts promotion revenue lift based on individual consumer price elasticity, social engagement and audience volatility. Upside puts brand marketers in control with the ability to take action in real-time to activate sales.


“When you are the CEO of a small business, you a the driver of the culture and success. You must be surgical in letting people go, although it won’t be fun for either of you, it is essential to the health and future of the business.” - Jeff Sampson, CEO & Co-Founder

3. Albion Networks 1

Albion Networks

Albion Networks was formed to change the consulting business model to enable us to better pursue our passion of building great products. How many times have you combed through resumes and found no consultants that meet your needs? Even worse, spent time interviewing, finally finding a consultant that is a match for your team, only to lose them to budget constraints. We, like you, have been there far too many times. So much so that we were driven to analyze the consulting business model to find a better way. Our timing could not have been better; socials networks, like LinkedIn, make it possible to significantly reduce time needed to identify and engage consultants. This coupled with organizing Albion Networks as a partnership led to significant savings which we passed on to the consultant, allowing us to consistently deliver better talent to our clients within their budget.


“We are always actively looking to start conversations with great talent to build a robust funnel of prospects for our customers. Our business is built on a sales pipeline that brings in the right people for the tight windows that exist to fill positions.” - Robert Amenn, Director of Business Development

4. Inviscid Consulting 1

Inviscid Consulting

Physical distribution costs time and money. To thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, your business must spend these commodities wisely. Your customers want you to serve them faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively. How do you respond? Inviscid Consulting streamlines distribution, warehousing, and logistics operations. We apply lean thinking and effective industrial engineering principles to reduce operational resistance, so your supply chain will flow more efficiently. We can help you drive down your costs, boost your capacity, improve your customer service and reduce your risks. By combining the right blend of processes, people, inventory, facilities, equipment, material handling systems, and supply chain IT systems, we will help you maximize your supply chain performance and boost your top and bottom lines.


“In our unique industry, it is essential to build a great network of people. Building tight relationships as references are the key to success--we almost exclusively work with people we have a past relationship with and are not afraid of networking with our well regarded competitors.” - Steve Hopper, Founder & Principal

5. ClearFactr 1


ClearFactr is a SaaS company whose premier product is a spreadsheet platform purpose-built for financial modeling. It solves the communication and analytical problems people face with spreadsheets and the damage and risk that results. Creators of financial models struggle when creating them, easily introducing errors. Viewers of these models struggle when understanding the work of others. Organizations incur huge “spreadsheet risk” when workflows are built around spreadsheets containing hidden errors, cumbersome analytics and versioning problems. ClearFactr does this by: automatically replacing legacy formula syntax with plain language (patented technology) & replacing the custom programming of tedious, error-prone analytics with patented, single-click operations.

“Seize the opportunity to hire someone you have worked with before, that way you know exactly what you can count on them for as your team grows. In addition, be rigorous in your hiring process as a bad hire can quickly derail the entire team.” - Dean Zarras, Founder & CEO

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