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Hiring Patterns That Lead to Success

Hiring Patterns That Lead to Success



Selecting the people to work at your company is a big task. It requires an abundance of time, looking through applications, interviews, and sometimes even background checks.  With all this hassle, hiring workers becomes a pain, so why not look to others for advice?  Each successful company below provided a quote about the hiring process that their company thinks is the key to hiring successful workers. After all, a company’s employees are a direct reflection of the company itself.

1. Litmus Automation 7

Litmus Automation

Founded in 2013 by CEO Vatsal Shah, Litmus Automation had a vision to simplify the complexity of connected devices with a secure and scalable cloud platform that they call Loop. Loop platform is tailored specifically for the Internet of Things, which Litmus Automations is an end-to-end cloud platform provider for. Their platform is equipped with a marketplace of off-the-shelf connectors, which enables businesses and developers to connect and maintain devices over the internet with minimal effort.  Loop also helps enterprises integrate data from their connected devices with business applications. John Younes spoke for Litmus Automation saying, “Hiring for a high tech startup company can be quite a daunting task. It is more important to look at the desire and drive of the candidate to learn and improve their skills than it is to look at their current abilities.  Candidates need to be able to adapt and learn within a growing company if they are going to remain a great contributor.”  All in all, Litmus Automation’s platform Loop is extremely easy to set up and scale as most businesses require.

2. BetterCare 4


BetterCare’s signature software streamlines your home care agency and improves customer satisfaction in record time. Based out of Los Angeles, BetterCare is a software company providing software-as-a-service-back-office solutions to private duty home care agencies that help them go paperless. Their digital solutions suite streamlines how agencies run their invoicing, time tracking, care plan adherence, and client to care giver matching.  The digital solutions save clients time and money while allowing them to focus more on important things, such as customer care and employee satisfaction. BetterCare’s, Luis De Avila, said, “Stay ahead of personal needs and take the time to find the best fit.  This will help to integrate them into your team for their best interest and the success of the company.”

3. Diggen 3


Diggen is marketing technology company whose vision is to provide a structured and centralized profile for customers to define themselves in a digital world. They are a clearinghouse for consumer based data in San Diego, California.  Their agnostic cloud platform is the connection point between a variety of consumer data sources and popular marketing tools. They have horizontal integration, which reduces the total cost of ownership and eliminates development, integration, and maintenance costs. Diggen believes that consumer data is the raw ingredient for digital marketers to understand their audience, create more relevant marketing campaigns, and personalize a website and mobile app. Founder, Fabrice Gould, advises, “Although it is hard to follow, especially in a startup: ‘hire slowly and fire quickly’. Work with people, the archaic interview process will not find the family you are looking to work alongside.”  Diggen believes they are the one stop shop for consumer data.

4. Levementum 2


Founded in 2006, Levementum provides implementation services and value added resale of Open Source Enterprise applications. Their signature is making businesses more efficient, profitable, and prepared to succeed in today’s ever-evolving, always challenging, technology-fueled business world. Levementum is a Cloud services solutions provider that helps customers select and deploy best-in-class CRM applications. In order to bring the most powerful Cloud platform to it's highest potential, Levementum began a practice. Levementum’s CEO and Co-Founder, Doug Guilbeau, believes, “Success in hiring for Levementum is about looking for talent that demonstrates the principle of ‘Be, Do, Get’. At its core, this approach finds highly accountable people who have faith in themselves, then we try or best to stay out of their way.”

5. Fosterly 2


Fosterly is a community of entrepreneurs, creators, and collaborators who challenge themselves to find new opportunities in business and technology. They connect their members with resources, events, and opportunities both on and offline. Fosterly helps customers achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Adam Zuckerman, the founder of Fosterly, said, “Define the proper job and then look to build relationships with the organizations and verticals that you ultimately want to be employed in.  HR managers are empowered to screen candidates, so the hiring manager can make the right decision.” Fosterly believes that sharing knowledge pays dividends, and that hoarding opportunity limits potential upsides.

6. Integrated Associates 0

Integrated Associates

Founded in 2010, Integrated Associates has quickly become one of the most trusted IT Recruiting and Consulting companies in the nation.  Integrated Associates helps customers’ organization meet its information technology goals by treating each human capital challenge as unique and  \ individual. Their expertise is derived from years of delivering world class IT Recruiting and Consulting services to Fortune 500 and mid-market companies throughout the United States. Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Anthony Moser, said, “Trust your gut when it comes to making a hiring decision.” Integrated Associates creates a culture where people and details are never lost in translation, so that clients immediately recognize a difference when working with them.

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