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Top SEO News: Week of Sept 12 - 19

Study Shows Top 20 Keywords for Health Insurance Bid on By 171 Companies
An Adgooroo study released recently shows that the top 20 keywords for the health insurance industry are bid on by an average of 171 different advertisers each.  Many of the top keywords are related to the Affordable Care Act and to Medicare, including terms such as “obamacare” and “medicare.gov.”  The top keyword, “health insurance,” drew bids from a total of 358 advertisers.  The total spent on advertising reached $103 million in the first quarter of 2014.

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Facebook Drops Post Promotion Option on Personal Posts
Personal pages on Facebook no longer have the option to pay $6.99 to promote a post, which increased the post’s appearance in friends’ newsfeeds.  The feature was quietly retired two years after it was announced.  While the change only affects personal posts, it reduces the ability of individuals to promote business interests using their personal Facebook page.

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Google Receives Patent to Use TV Watching Habits for Search Rankings
Google has been granted the patent to access television watching information to impact search results. The patent would allow Google to use TV viewing information from TVs near the computer, tablet, or phone being used to search to return better search results for keywords related to that television program.

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New Bing Campaign Planner Adds Powerful Features to Bing Ads
Bing’s newest addition is the Campaign Planner, which will provide users with powerful tools to help plan campaigns.  The planner will offer new keywords, monitor trends, provide competitor information, and provide forecasting information.

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Facebook Offers Best Practices Page for Content
Facebook has launched a new page providing information on best practices for content creation.  The page will provide study information and data to help content creators drive traffic and referrals, get and keep the attention of followers, and increase the use of media (including video) effectively.

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eBay to Launch Mobile Advertising
Later this year eBay plans to enter the mobile advertising arena, bringing ads to its apps.  With a 20 percent increase each year in the use of eBay’s mobile apps, the ads will reach more of the eBay’s 4.6 million users.  The ads are expected to launch in the last quarter of 2014.

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Study Shows Lack of Funds Put into Mobile Advertising
Advertisers are shying away from mobile advertising, according to a study by Forrester.  The main reason cited for the lack of budget spent in the mobile advertising sector appears to be the difficulty of tracking performance.  The study points out the need to improve results tracking as use of mobile devices for searches and purchases continues to increase.

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