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Grow, Don’t Shrink

Grow, Don’t Shrink



Whether you are a young company, or a well-established business, growth should always be a priority. In essence, if your business is not growing, it is shrinking. Meaning, if you are not looking to increase your market share, your company will lose it’s current position. Even if your business already has lifelong customers, seeking further growth and building a larger audience can only benefit your business. For example, Starbucks started out as a local business, and is now an internationally recognized brand with thousands of stores across the globe. Here are a few companies who are growing in their markets:

1. Second Spectrum 39

Second Spectrum

Data is revolutionizing the sports industry. However, people face the challenge of sifting through mountains of data in search of compelling stories. Second Spectrum creates products that fuse cutting-edge design with spatiotemporal (the pattern of dots) pattern recognition, machine learning, and computer vision to create the next generation of sports insight and experiences. They aim to transform the way people play, coach and watch sports. They are two-time winners of the Best Research Alpha Award at the acclaimed MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and have already grown to over 40 employees.


Whitney Blaine, who co-leads business development and marketing for Second Spectrum, says “you must be strategic, build a wonderful product and find an initial use case for it. After that, grow to other areas and applications for your solutions. While you do this, make sure you have exceptional team members and that they buy into the same vision established by the founders.”

2. Lincoln International 5

Lincoln International

Lincoln International specializes in merger and acquisition advisory services, debt advisory services, private capital raising and restructuring advice on mid-market transactions. Lincoln International also provides fairness opinions, valuations and pension advisory services on a wide range of transaction sizes. With sixteen offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe, Lincoln International has strong local knowledge and contacts in key global economies. The firm provides clients with senior-level attention, in-depth industry expertise and integrated resources. By being focused and independent, Lincoln International serves its clients without conflicts of interest.


Scott Twibell, Managing Director and Co-Head of Technology & Media says, “we are in the business of advising companies, so therefore we take a very focused approach on our services and what it takes to be the best. We do not try to be something to everybody and have honed our skills and value proposition to give our team a focused mission to serve our customers best.”

3. The MB Group 4

The MB Group

The MB Group is a certified public accounting firm whose mission is to be a leader in providing businesses with solution-oriented accounting services, while preserving traditional values in an evolving and technological and regulatory environment. With its team of certified professionals, The MB Group offers a wide range of auditing, accounting, tax, business consulting and financial services.


Susan Bryant, Principal of The MB Group says, “To fuel our growth we maintain excellent service and are in constant communication with our customers via phone and email. We thrive on referrals and are constantly networking and meeting with new prospective clients as well. After we start the conversation, we take a holistic approach to reviewing the accounting needs for the business and making strategic recommendations to help them grow.”

4. Aedis Architects 4

Aedis Architects

Aedis Architects is a full service architectural firm with expertise in educational and education-related facilities. Our clients include leading public and private educational institutions, municipalities and community organizations. The overwhelming majority of our work is generated through the successful relationships we have developed with existing clients. Aedis is capable of providing a full range of services relating to facility planning and construction, including master planning, architecture and project management.


Thang Do, President, says that their growth is fueled by “our participation in conferences, membership in trade groups and the cutting edge work that we do. We do not seek to increase in any type of volume, but we focus on projects that resonate with our passions--cutting edge work, sustainability and collaborative buildings.”

5. GoGuardian 4


GoGuardian was created to help educators protect both their students and their technology investments, ensuring safe and productive internet usage on Chromebooks. They provide a suite of powerful monitoring, filtering, and anti-theft products and services for schools and districts all across the country. With 1:1 device programs becoming more common in schools, a demand for efficient, comprehensive oversight was born. Before GoGuardian, teachers and administrators had no simple way of knowing what students were accessing on their devices. This caused a lag in districts’ ability to form and implement effective policies for safe internet usage. With GoGuardian, educators at every level now have the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions about internet usage, and have intuitive ways to intervene when necessary. School districts who choose GoGuardian for Chromebook monitoring and protection are able to create a digital environment conducive to learning that is not only safe and secure, but also fosters productivity, performance and collaboration.


Aza Steel, Co-Founder & CEO says, “we have been growing at an extremely rapid pace over the past year. When we reached approximately 20 employees and I could no longer keep things orderly in my head, we adopted the Objectives & Key Results Method (OKR). We have company wide OKR’s that motivate us to succeed in both our daily and long term goals.”

6. Cornwell Jackson 3

Cornwell Jackson

Cornwell Jackson is a team of certified public accountants and advisors dedicated to the success of today's entrepreneur. Their proactive approach to advisory, audit, tax and wealth management services results in long-term, comprehensive financial management solutions that leave you free to do what you do best - build a successful business. They have many clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and also globally.


“We help businesses grow, not just by filing forms and making sure the books are correct, but by developing strategies and acting as a partner. We have helped businesses determine pricing for products to boost profitability and even determine business value when selling to minimize the tax burden,” shared Banks Woodward, Manager at the firm.

7. Indevia 3


Indevia has become an industry leader and innovator in the area of restaurant accounting services and finance after successfully serving many restaurant owners since 2008. Dev Purkayastha founded the company after he had difficulty finding a reliable, high-quality accounting firm to handle his family entities and boost his financial results.Originally, Indevia focused on providing accurate financial statements on a timely basis with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Today, they still do that, but have a broader focus as well, providing comprehensive accounting for restaurant owners. They tailor restaurant bookkeeping services and reports to match the needs of clients.


Dev Purkayastha, CEO of Indevia says, “to be careful as constant growth can kill you. When experiencing significant growth, it is important to plan and determine for the future. Make sure you can afford the growth, have the human capital & HR resources to support it and a way to meet the market needs.”

8. New Orleans Relocations 2

New Orleans Relocations

New Orleans Relocation is a locally owned real estate agency of fast-paced, tech-savvy realtors with boots on the ground in the New Orleans real estate market every day. They are a boutique firm comprised of one team of non-competing agents led by Mark Boline, the broker owner.

Every day, they help folks relocate to, in and around New Orleans.In addition, they work with investors, both local and out-of-town, who see the tremendous potential in New Orleans real estate. There is no charge for the full complement of buyer representation benefits and services. They concentrate on your wants and needs and are motivated by finding you the perfect place to call home.


To stay ahead of the market, Mark Boline, broker owner, says, “we stay knowledgeable and engaged about trends and the way the real estate market is changing. Many of the old school tactics employed by other companies are not in line with the needs of today’s customers. We stay on top of web rankings and look to provide knowledge to people who need relocations in our area.”

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