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Great Ideas and Greater Startups: 12 Companies To Keep An Eye On

Great Ideas and Greater Startups: 12 Companies To Keep An Eye On



The effective use of technology has caused countless startups to flourish, which in turns improves the daily lives of consumers. Today, we'd like to present a list of companies whose effective use of technology has turned great ideas into great companies, which has led them to stand out from the pack!

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1. Maven Machines 5014

Maven Machines

Maven Machines is a company renowned for making smart headsets. Their primary product is a Bluetooth headset designed for the trucking industry that incorporates sensors which can recognize if a driver is tired or drowsy. Moreover, it can determine if the driver is watching the road and how many times he is checking the mirrors as well. It was designed to reduce accidents and injuries associated with the trucking industry, leading to a contextually aware product that can save lives!

2. Rabbit TV 4452

Rabbit TV

Rabbit TV is a video streaming service that requires no downloads whatsoever and brings movies, TV shows, and more to your living room! Their customer base has rapidly grown, as people realized how effective and cheap their options are. Thousands of stores nationwide carry Rabbit TV, whose subscription-based serviceoffers a great alternative to the traditional and expensive cable subscription model. Save a ton of money with a better option today!


3. Easely 3925


Easely is a company that helps artists sells their work at a reasonable price to art connoisseurs across the nation through an intuitive Netflix-esque subscription plan. At only $7.99/month, customers can rent art, and can swap pieces for others at any point a change is needed. Customers save a great deal of money, and artists are supported through the relationship established with Easely. If a particular piece stands out, too, customers have the option to purchase it. It's hardly a surprise that Easely is rapidly growing; see for yourself why they've found such success!


4. AthleteTrax 623


AthleteTrax is a great management tool for coaches, teams, managers, and players that keeps track of all important matches, roasters, appointments, schedules, and payments of online members. Furthermore, users can send notifications of any schedule changes and other information to all members through a very easy process. Pictures and videos of different training regimens can be shared among members to improve their performance, as well, allowing for a well-rounded and highly helpful experience!

5. Shazzlemail 103


Shazzlemail is an email service that protects user privacy by reducing third-party visibility. Inspired by public perception of private surveillance, they decided that privacy needs to be protected, as email became increasingly visible. With a simple download, the app turns users' phones into mail servers, sending emails directly to the phone and reducing the risk of unwanted surveillance. This ingenius app has satisfied customers who are concerned about their privacy, putting their minds to ease and making daily tasks easier!

6. Parsus 38


Parsus, composed of  team of experts, provides top-notch quality solutions for clients at a very affordable price. Their variety of desktop and mobile applications allows users to easily solve quality issues. Through a straightforward and no-nonsense process, Parsus works with their clients and dedicates themselves to providing the best service possible, which is why they've managed to find such success. Attracting clients big and small, the quality of their work speaks for itself!


7. Abililife 36


AbiliLife is a company that produces quality products aimed at easing the lives of those who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders and diseases, such as Parkinson's. Founded by Courtney Williamson, AbiliLife manufactures the Calibrace, an innovative product that is designed to help restore equilibrium through a back tensioning system that improves posture, positioning, and balance. Neurodegenerative disorders are a struggle for all involved, but AbiliLife works to ease that process.

8. ConnectWith 27


ConnectWith is an innovative startup that uses social engineering tools within a company to improve internal function and relationships among employees. Founders Patrick and Will knew they could find a way to improve overall company morale, and ConnectWith was born! They figured that if information can be properly managed, it can help people make new connections within an enterprise based on shared traits. The end result? A promising and exciting startup to keep an eye on!

9. Tado 8


Tado, founded in 2010, works to solve issues commonly associated with air conditioning, particularly remote controlling. Air conditioning and heating is synced up with a smartphone. The system tracks users locations and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. Costs are slashed as well, as the device is only active while users are within a specific vicinity. Be more comfortable and pad your wallet with Tado!

10. Wow 1 Day Painting 8

Wow 1 Day Painting

Wow 1 Day Painting started as a very small local business, but thanks to their excellent results, it has ended up being a multinational brand. They offer one-day painting services, allowing a generally long and tedious project to be completed within a day! Aiming to eventually have 50 franchises to their name, they currently stand at an impressive 28, which has been made possible thanks to their dedication to quality and customer service. 

11. ResearchWe 8


ResearchWe is an excellent solution for carrying out research studies. It has been discovered that 40% of studies are halted because of the failure to recruit enough people for running clinical trials. ResearchWe seeks to solve this problem by allowing participants to feel like equal stakeholders throughout the process, from pre-screening to registration and research. Any company running a trial owes it to themselves to see how much easier the process can be with ResearchWe!

12. ArtKive 6


ArtKive is a great application, available for both Android and iOS, that lets users click picture of an artwork or a drawing made by your child and store it in their device. Art made by your children can easily be compiled, creating a gallery of their masterpieces! For complete satisfaction, just send the collection of art to the ArtKive team and they'll send you a wonderfully made eBook of your child's work for your review, and send you the printed book upon approval!

Let us know if we left out an amazing company below; we might feature them soon!

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