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Great Business Innovators

Great Business Innovators



A successful business is a blend of hard-work, direction and innovation. All these 3 factors govern the growth of a venture and lately its success as well. But most importantly, the distinguishing factor which differentiates a company from its competitors is the innovation it has incorporated in its system. Today, we present you a list of some companies, which have been doing great business over the past few years. Their success story has been a proof of their great innovative ideas, which they have efficiently transformed into breakthrough businesses. 


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1. ClearView Audio 1

ClearView Audio

An audio company which is renowned for their invisible speaker technology also known as the Edge Motion Technology, which creates a new way of experiencing music and sound. The company ClearView Audio, previously called as Emo Labs, is formed by a group of top innovators, engineers, fabricators and designers. Together they strive to create state of the art acoustic speakers with impeccable designs and breakthrough technology and engineering.

2. Tivoli Audio 1

Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio was established by Tom DeVesto in the year 2000, a renowned innovator in the audio industry. The company is famous for providing top level audio products with utmost sound quality and finesse, available at very competitive prices. The company boasts of manufacturing every Tivoli Audio component at its own factory, so that the user won't have to compromise on below par components.

3. Nerdie Media LLC 1

Nerdie Media LLC

Nerdie Media is a firm that offers a wide array of websites and website services, including web design and development, SEO Strategy, Implementation and Audit, Domain Appraisal, and Custom Scripts. Their large client base stands evident to their success and rapport. The company was founded in the year 2012 and is currently headquartered at The Woodlands, Texas. 

4. Luck Local 1

Luck Local

Luck Local are unique web designers and developers that specialize in creating distinct websites ideal for your business and enterprise. This distinction is ensured by their detailed assessment of your business, which includes studying your target audience, products and function to reflect your brand in an effective manner. In addition to that, the company incorporates the use of latest SEO strategies and techniques to provide your website a great rank in the search results. Besides that, their Social Media Marketing strategies deal in engaging interest in the audience to increase their numbers and achieve you great traffic. Luck Local was founded in the year 2013 and are currently headquartered at Houston, United States.

5. Orvito 0


Orvito is a Massachusetts based firm which aims at providing enhanced level of security through their advanced surveillance systems, increase energy efficiency through their energy usage analytics and to provide wireless automation through their cloud innovations. Orvito manufactures its equipment for different sectors. All their different products and services are focused to provide an enhanced user experience through the combination of various different technologies i.e. cloud, wireless, mobile and other hardware. And the company strives to continuously improve itself through constant innovation and using open standards to increase flexibility and interoperability. 

6. Audio Video Design 0

Audio Video Design

Audio Video Design was established in the year 1973. The company specializes in providing complete audio and video solutions solutions, while incorporating it with great 24x7 customer support. The company's product range boasts of its user friendliness, simplicity and elegance to suite your home decor appropriately. Being a complete package provider, the company provides end to end solutions in designing, developing, installing, testing and maintaining audio and video equipment. AVD's product range includes -home theater systems, home security and surveillance systems, automated lighting, etc. 

7. Audio Concepts 0

Audio Concepts

The firm Audio Concepts was opened in Boston,  in the year 1975 by Don Houde. The company provides end to end audio and sound solutions for your home or office. While specializing in state of the art home theater systems, whole house music and light control, high quality audio & video systems for your office and conference halls. Furthermore, the company's efficient planning and assessment of your needs is evident from the number of accolades and awards it has won, which includes - Best of Boston 2012, Best of Boston Home 2012, Best of Boston Home 2013 and Electronic Lifestyles award by CEDIA.

8. 3coast 0


3coast was founded in the year 1980, earlier it was known as Robert Shields & Associates. The company provides top level IT services to its clients around the Houston area. Its main specialized services include - IT Staffing, IT Support, Storage & Virtualization, Customer Relationship Management and Business Analytics. In addition to these services, 3coast also provides various Custom made apps, designed and developed discreetly for a specific client to meet its business needs.

9. AppMaisters 0


App Maisters provide end to end solutions to new firms and business startups. Their range of services include -  Software Design & Development, Diverse Strategic Management & Planning, Specialized Marketing and other techniques to raise capital for your startup. The company's experience and expertise in this field can be attributed to the fact that they have been successfully working with high profile clients over the last 10 years and have gained enough specialization to work on all major software platforms including Android, iOS, etc. As a result, they have emerged as a solid Application, Cloud and Games developer for mobile devices.

Do you know of any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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