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Got the Workout Blues? Mix It Up with Gymphoria!

Gymphoria to the rescue! No longer be subject to the same old elliptical and bench press routine.  Founders Dimitry Braznichenko and Dan Ladden saw Chicagoans were craving a more interesting workout regimen, without breaking their bank accounts.  They created Gymphoria to give people opportunities to try out a variety of fitness experiences.



MeetAdvisors',  Vlad Moldavskiy interviews Founder of Gymphoria.com, Dimitry Brazninchenko 


Here’s how Gymphoria works: By buying a $135 monthly membership, users get access to all the gyms, studios and facilities in the Gymphoria network.  With a membership, users get points for the month.  These points can be used however they want – maybe a few times a week at the gym, splurging points on a fancy CrossFit visit, and a weekly yoga class.  Instead of spending money to exercise at each of these places, which can add up to hundreds of dollars, Gymphoria has streamlined your workout system.  You get all the variety without buying multiple memberships. 





“The experience that we’re providing is something that’s brand new.  It’s something that people say they can’t believe it doesn’t exist already,” founder Braznichenko said during a MeetAdvisors interview.  “They’re really excited to try it themselves.”


Gymphoria allows users to mix up their workouts – which is great for our brains (because, really, who likes doing the same, boring workout all the time?) and great for our bodies (the best workout regimens are the ones that contain a variety of activities, training all our muscle groups in different ways).  Not only is it healthy, it’s economical. At $135 per month, looks like we don’t have any excuses not to try out that terrifying Bikram class.  Gymphoria, you’re keeping our wallets and our workouts happy and healthy.  

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