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Senior care is an most don't enjoy discussing, but it goes very much hand-in-hand with one of life’s inevitable truths: we all grow older and we need extra care through our golden years.

This is a difficult decision for any family to make and becomes even harder when you consider how little information there is out there on the quality of senior care providers.

Leo Friedman recognized the difficulties of finding trustworthy assisted living facilities when his friends expressed frustration at the lack of available resources both online and offline. Within a year, Golden Reviews was born to bring unparalleled transparency to senior care.

I talked to the CEO about how this company will be his legacy and how well received the site has been since going up in January 2013.

What inspired you to start Golden Reviews?

My friend’s mother passed away and at her funeral I was asking my friendthe circumstances around her premature passing. She shared with me that her mother wasn’t cared for properly and the family had switched senior care facilities three times before finding a good fit for her. My friend felt it was too late by then and her mother soon faded away.

When I gently probed why she did not research the facilities before making the decision, I was more than surprised when she told meshe could not locate any reviews on her mom's communities or any other assited living providers in the area.

I was shocked and went home and did hours of research and could not find a single review on the three facilities her mom stayed in. After several more weeks of research, I realized that although there are 137 thousand senior care providers, they only have about 50 thousand total reviews online, or just under half a review per provider.

At that point, I decided that I needed to launch an easy-to-use assisted living review site so families could make better decisions on where to place their loved ones.



How does Golden Reviews work?

We don’t wait for reviews to come in; we engage Transparency Advocates, usually women in their fifties, to collect reviews from friends, family, churches, bingo clubs and their communities.

We created Care Link, a feature which allows families to enter an email address and stay updated as the latest reviews come in. If somebody leaves a review saying the community has not changed the bedsheets in a month, you can drive over and visit your loved one and inquire yourself. On the flip side,if the review states that the food is delicious and the staff really cares, you'll be content that your family member is in good hands. 

The last, and arguably most important, differentiator is our Golden Seal. It is a review-driven accreditation that is awarded to care providers with high rankings and seven or more reviews in the past 12 months.



What do you hope to get out of Golden Reviews?

Our mission is to improve senior care in the U.S.by bringing transparancy to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

What’s next for Golden Reviews?

We’re working on creating a Q/A area on every provider's page to allow users to post questions that both the facility and the families can answer.

We are always looking to get our website out to families and we would love for our story to be picked up by media sites to help us achieve our mission.



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