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Get Rid of Cold Calls Once and For All

Oh the dreaded cold call… During my sales training in Boston, one common theme I see is that people HATE cold calls. Let’s face it, they’re tough. I’ve made thousands of them and they aren’t easy. But more importantly, there are some other strategies that you can implement to ensure that you never have to make a cold call again. Here are three strategies that you can implement to officially get rid of cold calls once and for all:

Have an introduction system. This doesn’t mean just asking for introductions here and there. No. When I work with my sales training clients, we set up introduction systems that ensure that my clients will ask everyone for introductions. It starts with holding oneself accountable to asking for a certain number of introductions per week. Then, what reward can you offer people for giving you introductions? Dinner? Tickets? Product?

Speak to Sell. Most people are afraid of giving speeches. But remember, they are way way way more fun than cold calls. Plus, they’re far more effective. As a motivational sales speaker myself, I speak all over the country to audiences about sales, and people in the audience hire me after seeing me speak. No cold calls, but lots of leads.

Create joint ventures with other companies. You have a list of clients that other non-competitor companies want access to. Those non-competitor companies have clients that you would love access to. What if you made a deal with some of those companies to exchange access to one another’s clients? There are a lot of different ways to facilitate this, but it is incredibly effective and doesn’t require cold calls. As a sales trainer in Boston, I don’t just want people to do hard things. Joint ventures can be easy and they work.

These are just three simple ideas to allow you to get rid of cold calls. To be clear, cold calls still work if done well, but they are not a necessity for every organization in my sales training in Boston.

What are some other prospecting tools you use aside from cold calling? Please share below.



Posted by Marc Wayshak