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Anybody in a long-term relationship knows it takes a certain amount of work to keep the chemistry alive. After years of marriage and a few kids the fondness and deep love is present, but is the lust? For some couples the answer is no, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Erica Grigg (and husband Tim Watson) were facing a similar situation in their marriage. Rather than accept it and be complacent or worse, give up and leave, she and her husband founded GetLusty. The site is aimed at monogamous long-term couples looking to revive the sexual excitement they felt in the beginning of the relationship.

I sat down with the Founder to discuss the importance of sex, love and monogamy and how GetLusty for Couples drives all those points home.

What was the inspiration behind GetLusty?

In July of 2012, my husband and I were feeling lustless after three years together. We wanted to regain our lust and love so we sought out resources. We found books, articles, videos and classes from world-renowned sex experts—you name it. However, we didn’t find one central resource that could help couples have an amazing sexual relationship. In fact, it seemed there were more sources out there to teach us to cheat rather than teach us to stay together.
After months of research, we decided to create a resource we wished we had. That turned into GetLusty for Couples.



What does the site consist of?

We have over 800 articles aimed at what we call “the five pillars,” which are health, communication, sexual technique, dates and adventure. We also have featured merchants on our site that offer up to 50 percent discounts for GetLusty members. Starting in the next week, when we leave Beta, we’ll have ‘experiences’ couples can buy to re-create the most special moments of their relationship.
We discuss technique, but we also delve into the psychology of the relationship. Sex is a symptom to a larger problem. It also supports an amazing relationship.
It’s free to sign up, although we’re rolling out an Exclusive VIP membership soon that will cost money (which you can also earn!).

What hurdles have you encountered with GetLusty?

People get uncomfortable with how open we are about what we do. We are a company that embraces sexuality. We talk about sex and we talk about blowjobs. We are NOT a Cosmo, which gives bad advice to women. What we do is give helpful, practical, useful and non-judgmental advice to our clients.

What advice would you give couples who are in a sex slump?

Take the time to really engage with each other and fall in love again frequently! It’s normal to fall out of love with your partner. Know that it’s just a stage and keep falling back in love with them, and yourself, and your shared lives, again and again. Love is what makes life beautiful.



What’s next for GetLusty?

We’re launching out of public beta in the next week! We’re expanding our leadership team and on the way to an expansive launch across Chicago. We want to grow big and grow quick. Right now we’re only focusing on events in Chicago, but once we test the waters we’ll be able to spread to other cities and keep expanding.

There are millions of marriages out there that could use help. We’ve saved at least one marriage already and we’re ready to save hundreds of thousands more soon!



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