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The Wave of the Future: Online Education

The Internet has opened up a new world of educational opportunities. These companies are taking advantage of this new frontier and are offering programs, products and networking opportunities to help people gain an education around the world.

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1. Uvize 4

Uvize is a program that offers a student veterans networking. It is an online community of veterans that includes mentors, students, staff and families to help veterans succeed in school. The online program teaches veterans how to transition from a soldier to a student and supports their veterans along the way.


2. LearnZillion 0

LearnZillion is a resource for teachers. They provide resources in Math and English for grades 2-12. They provide videos and other content that helps teachers grow and become better suited for their professional lives.


3. Mytonomy 0

Mytonomy wants to help students and graduates succeed in high school, college and beyond. They have a video library of over 3,100 videos that educators and parents can use to help and inspire their students.


4. Blendspace 0

Blendspace is an online tool for teachers to help them create their lesson plans. They can use Blendspace to organize web resources, track students’ progress and build lesson plans using online technology.


5. Brave New Talent 0

Brave New Talent is a professional networking site. Their goal is to connect leaders and business professionals online to work with each other and improve their talents. They want to change how the world learns by connecting professionals to learn from and work together.


6. Kibin 0

Kibin offers proofreading and editing services from professionals. Kibin uses professional, English speaking writers who are available 24/7 to edit and revise papers. This service can be used by students and professionals to improve their work.


7. Bloc 0

Bloc is an “online bootcamp” that allows users to learn about development and design for websites and mobile apps. The program offers mentors and classes so that students can learn all about web development to create their own products.


8. Piazza 0

Piazza is a Q&A platform that professors can use in their classrooms. It allows students and teachers to communicate on a single platform. Students can ask questions anonymously and teachers can answer and endorse other answers for clear understanding.


9. Hunie Inc. 0

Hunie Inc. is a networking site that allows users to connect with peers. Members critique other members’ products, sites and services. This ensures useful feedback that companies can actually use and offers the benefits of peer-to-peer connection.


10. Little Passports 0

Little Passports is an online retailer that provides learning games and activities for kids. These activities are meant to encourage children to learn about the world and expand their imagination. The products include monthly travel packages that include souvenirs, activities and online games.


Know any other educational companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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