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Funded Friday: Revolutionary Pharmaceutical Companies

As medicine progresses, it has become increasingly important to evaluate and develop new drugs as new problems present themselves and as old ones still haven’t been cured.  These companies all have one goal: to improve people’s lives through developing innovative solutions to common healthcare problems.  As recently funded companies, we can’t wait to see how they continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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1. Aileron Therapeutics 1

Aileron Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and advances a class of drugs known as Stapled Peptides.  Their proprietary platform is a breakthrough approach to creating drugs that are highly sought after.  From discovery to development, their experienced team has raised another $30 million to begin human trials on their first cancer drug.  This recent financing came from current investors, and it came less than a year after their second most recent funding, which was a round of $42 million.

2. Quartet Medicine 1

Quartet Medicine discovers and develops novel treatments for chronic pain and inflammation.  They capitalize on the insights derived from human genetics and preclinical target validation data points to increased BH4 as a critical mediator of peripheral nerve dysfunction and immune system cell regulation.  Recently, they announced that they had raised $17 million in Series A funding, which will go towards funding their lead program.  

3. Lung Therapeutics, Inc. 0

Lung Therapeutics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company who targets niche, orphan drug indications for lung injury and disease, with an emphasis on fibrosis.  They focus their efforts on the sever complications of pneumonia and have developed products that are now being studied for safe clearance of fibrinous scar tissues.  Their team of professionals recently closed on a $1,550,000 in the initial closing of Series A Preferred Stock financing, including $550,000 in converted debt, with a remaining $1,200,000 committed to be funded upon achievement of certain milestones, for a total of $2,750,000.  We can’t wait to see how they use the money to research more innovative solutions to the lung healthcare industry. 

4. Unum Therapeutics 0

Unum is a cellular therapeutics company that is innovating cancer immunotherapy.  Their program, which is based on ACTR technology, is expected to begin Phase I clinical testing soon in order to assess safety and efficiency in certain types of leukemia and lymphoma cases.  Recently, Unum Therapeutics raised $12 million in Series A funding in order to begin testing.  Their approach is unique and we can’t wait to see how the research goes.

5. DeNovo Sciences 0

DeNovo Sciences is in the business of innovating cancer diagnostics.  They have researched and developed a revolutionary set of cancer platforms to help cancer researchers and healthcare professionals monitor cancer cells better.  By focusing on reducing metastatic disease by capturing, analyzing, and monitoring rare cells, they are helping deliver more effective therapeutic therapy.  DeNovo Sciences has raised $3.3 million in 4 Rounds from 1 investor.  Most recently, they received a $2 million venture. 

6. Respicardia 0

Respicardia is dedicated to improving the lives of heart failure patients by developing implantable therapies, which are designed to improve respiratory rhythm management and cardiovascular health.  Their first product, remede System, is an implantable stimulation device, which helps restore normal breathing patterns.  Their most recent Venture totaled $20 million; they have received $32 million in 3 Rounds from one investor.  

7. Syros Pharmaceuticals 0

Syros Pharmaceuticals manufactures better medicines through gene control.  As a therapeutics company who is committed to applying their scientific leadership in the field of gene control, they are changing the lives of patients with cancer and other diseases.  Recently, they closed on a Series B Round with $53 million in new investment.  We can’t wait to see how they continue to change the industry with gene control.   

8. Viamet 0

Viamet is a clinical-stage infectious disease company that discovers and develops novel, small molecule therapies for the treatment of human fungal infections.  Their proprietary metalloenzyme medicinal chemistry platform, Metallophile Technology, allows their team to create drugs that they believe will have greater selectivity, decreased side effects, and increased potency.  Recently, they closed a $60 million Series D financing, which was funded by Brandon Point Industries Limited and Woodford Investment Management.  We can’t wait to see what they do next!  

9. Celerion 0

Celerion is a leader in early clinical research, whose expertise and experience turns into research discoveries and knowledge of drug action effects in humans.  Their team focuses on the implementation of innovative strategies to generate key data very early in order to help with drug development.  Recently, they announced their formal collaboration with the Korean Drug Development Fund in order to provide drug development expertise and support for the emerging drug discovery and development industry in South Korea.

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