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Funded Friday: 13 Companies Changing the World

Getting funding is a big deal when you’re starting a business.  When companies receive funding, they are able to do what they do best – innovate.  These 13 recently funded companies are changing the way we live, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to do so!

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1. Lassy Project 2629

The Lassy Project is a free service that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds.  How it works: create a village, a child profile for every child in your care, send alerts if necessary.  Creating a village of trusted friends, family members, and neighbors of people you hand select.  Then, create a profile for your children that can be shared with your village if you ever need to alert them.  Download their iOS or Android app today!


2. Notion 1408

Notion is a home intelligence system that is changing the industry by changing the types of devices needed to detect things like doors opening, windows breaking, water leaks, and more.  With Notion, you know things like how full a propane tank is, when your child returns from school, the second there is a water leak, if a gun safe has been accessed and much more. In fact, this is exactly why they built Notion; to allow you to monitor what you want in a way that makes sense for you and your family.  Need proof that their innovative solutions are making waves?  In September, they started a 30-day Kickstarter campaign – their goal was $50,000, but then ended up at $280,000. 


3. GestSure Technologies 118

GestSure Technologies allows surgeons to take control of their operating room. Their system provides rich, touchless, gestural interfaces that allow surgeons and interventional radiologists to control the equipment around them. Our system works as a layer on top of existing PACS, 3D visualization, or electronic medical records. That means no clumsy software to install and no need to import imaging into a parallel system.  They’ve raised $500,000 so far and gained regulatory compliance 2 years ago.  Moving forward, they plan on integrating their solutions with medical device manufacturers; we can’t wait to see how they continue to change the industry!


4. Brandfolder 118

Brandfolder is an easy to use, affordable online solution for companies to organize and share their brand and marketing materials from one location. As a visually organized platform, you can share it on one webpage that can be shared via one link, which shows up in search results and can be embedded on or linked from a company's website. Their aim is to lead people to the right information as efficiently as possible by being the standard for organizing and sharing brand assets.  One new area that they are really becoming more serious about is getting professional sports teams on a paid level.  Why?  The reason is simple – digital brand assets are valuable.  For every game, they are receiving 200 brand requests, and with Brandfolder’s technology and brand folder, they are able to do this very quickly.


5. Lea(R)n 36

Lea(R)n is bringing quality control to education technology.  Their community empowers educators to combine rapid feedback on learning tools with publicly available data.  Lea(R)n Trials of new and exciting tools, helps make education technology better, inform school leaders, and improve learning for students.  This educator-only platform combines five levels of data, including feedback from verified teachers, in order to help your school save time and money while trying out new education technologies.


6. AppSheet 15

AppSheet is a free DIY platform that’s build for anyone to create and deploy elegant and useful mobile apps without having to write a line of code. Instead, apps are automatically created from spreadsheets hosted in the cloud, and the entire creation deployment process takes just minutes.  While they only launched in October, AppSheet has signed up almost 500 users who have created over 100 mobile apps.  These users are from all over the world and the apps cover a wide diversity of small business and professional uses. 


7. MartMobi 9

MartMobi mobile ecommerce platform helps Online Retailers dramatically improve their conversions on mobile.  By enabling merchants to go "Mobile" seamlessly and enable seamless connectivity with their existing shopping cart/ecommerce platforms, MartMobi eliminates the need for your team to have to write code.  Merchants "Go Live" across all mobile platforms in 1-2 days, which gives them more channels of revenue and customer engagement. Their goal is to be "Leading Mobile eCommerce Platform,” and with their recent funding, we believe the goal isn’t too far fetched.


8. PanOpen 4

PanOpen gives people access to free, peer-reviewed, open source textbooks, which can save you time and effort.  Users can access high quality peer-reviewed content, rather than searching for resources for hours.  The option to browse your own departments OER library allows you to look at materials selected by your collegeagues; you can even share your own OER collections in your department or at other schools.  Recently funded with $770,000, they have received $1.5 million in 3 Rounds.


9. Fashion Metric 1

Did you know that 28% of all clothes purchased online are returned?  Fashion Metric reduces returns and increases conversions.  In order to do this, they have customers answer simple questions, then they crunch the numbers based on their proprietary algorithm.  Your customers get fit with made-to-measure clothes in return.


10. Sickweather 1

Just as Doppler Radar scans the skies for bad weather, Sickweather scans social media for people reporting being sick. Using their patent-pending process, they the sick reports on a map and create real-time 'weather maps' of sickness.  This allows you to check for sickness just as easily as you can check the weather.  With our mobile app, users can be alerted in real-time when they have entered a sick zone, which is an area where others have recently reported being sick.  Their patent-pending process is the first of its kind to aggregate data and mine from the social graphs for the purpose of forecasting and mapping symptoms of illness.


11. Wellhire 1

Wellhire is changing the face of job sourcing by matching candidates with opportunities based on their skills, passions, and strengths. Wellhire's mobile platform integrates with any ATS, and intelligently matches job seekers with job opportunities.  From an employer standpoint, it is easier to view candidates sorted by a match score and interest; then, connect with the best-matched candidates via their preferred method of contact.  From a job seekers’ perspective, you can build your profile in just 20 seconds by connecting it to your LinkedIn; then view real job postings that match your profile. 


12. Testive 1

Testive is changing the way students prep for the SAT and ACT.  By combining an adaptive online learning experience with a private coach, they are able to help every student stay on track. Testive powers solutions for some of the largest companies in test preparation.  They recently received $610,000 in funding – we can’t wait to see how they use it!


13. Atlas5D 1

Atlas5D is an innovative solution for aging-in-place, which directly measures changes in how a person is move in their own home.  It tracks activity, location, and speed in real-time without the use of photographs or worn devices.  Their goals are to provide family and friends with ongoing reassurance of how an older adult is doing, free of anxiety and embarrassment, and also provide a platform that can give an early warning of a change-in-health crisis before it occurs.


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