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From Software To Travel: 10 Companies You Want To Follow

From Software To Travel: 10 Companies You Want To Follow



This week, we've got 10 companies that we're truly excited to share with you. These companies are doing amazing things and definitely deserve your attention, so check them out!

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1. Mesh Technologies LLC 32

 Mesh Technologies LLC

Mesh is in the business of revolutionizing how people plan events with a special focus on travel. Their platform allows users to share all their reservations and ticket information on an event page that they can then share publicly or privately. This will simplify life for event organizers, business travelers and friends who are traveling together. The design of their app is quite compelling and it will soon launch on Android in addition to iOS.

2. Huco Consulting 29

Huco Consulting

Huco Consulting helps companies track their environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts. Their cloud based solutions result in increased consistency, reduced error, better access, lower cost and less compliance risk for their clients. They have quickly expanded since their founding and now have multiple locations in the United States and Costa Rica. With their expert consulting, your business will be on the right track.

3. Pocketstop 7


Pocketstop is a communication company that helps businesses deliver the right message to their customers. Their software platforms leverage the latest technology and allow their clients to engage with their customers via a multitude of channels including email, voice calls and social media. They have worked with 7Eleven, Ferrari, MetroPCS just to name a few. Pocketstop promises to help in improving your company's customer service management and email marketing campaigns. Take a look.

4. Modern Systems (formerly Ateras) 4

Modern Systems (formerly Ateras)

Modern Systems empowers IT efficiency, agility and competitive advantage through core application modernization. Their solutions facilitate the transition from legacy systems to modern environments that leverage cloud, data warehousing, business intelligence and agile development methodologies. They have worked with well-known brands such as Walmart and Volvo and with their recent merger now completed, Modern Systems has emerged as the world's go-to modernization company.

5. Sequent 2


Sequent is a leading provider of digital credentials and mobile wallets to banks, mobile operators, merchants, and access control providers. They have been in business for 5 years and have worked with several well-known brand such as Sprint, Rogers, CPI and Sberbank. Sequent is uniquely positioned in a fast growing industry and is a company you should definitely follow in 2015.

6. Coconnect 2


Coconnect aims to redefine how we network at conferences and events. Their platform act as a mini social network and helps you connect with the right people using predefined preferences. The Coconnect app also gives conference attendees access to an event schedule, map and organizers. Professionals can now leverage their time spent at conferences by using Coconnect to make more valuable real-life connections.

7. Altius Consulting, Inc. 2

Altius Consulting, Inc.

Altius helps companies better understand and manage the information that drives their business. Their Add-in for Microsoft Excel is intuitive, easy to implement and used by thousands of people across multiple industries with a special focus on the energy sector. This and their experience as consultants places them at the forefront of the business planning industry.

8. Timbergrove 1


Timbergrove is a company that helps businesses improve their productivity by providing expert strategic planning, business systems analysis and by identifying and correcting inefficiencies. Their consultants are amongst the most experienced in the industry and they count well-known organizations such as Staples, State of Michigan and Transocean as clients. That’s what Timbergrove does, and it does it well. We expect it to prosper accordingly.

9. nGame, Inc. 1

nGame, Inc.

nGame provides social insights to large companies about their customers, closing the gap with the transactional data usually present in the CRM. These insights allow companies to deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time. It also helps them create advocates for their brand by researching each customer's level of social influence. The bottom line is that this is a company YOUR company needs to get in touch with.

10. Sanford Rose Associates 1

Sanford Rose Associates

Sanford Rose Associates is a company defined by what they do best, finding people who make a difference. Their search professionals understand the importance of creating winning situations or matches between clients and candidates, and the effect it can have on the success, or failure, of a company.

Know of more great companies? Let us know; we'd love to feature them!

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