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From SaaS Backup to Payment Processing: 11 Companies That Will Blow You Away

From SaaS Backup to Payment Processing: 11 Companies That Will Blow You Away



Today, we've got a great range of companies available for your perusal. Whether you're in the market for a device to improve your snowboarding abilities or you're looking for a cloud-based network of musicians with whom to collaborate, we've got you covered! 

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1. Unikey 946


Inspired by a chip that allowed car doors to be unlocked by calling a phone, Unikey unlocks doors based on proximity to the user's phone, which is synced with the lock. Installation takes mere minutes, and the app is available for both iOS and Android. The experience is incredibly convenient and easy; no more are the days of fumbling around for keys! 

2. Virido 728


With a focus on business growth, Virido offers a variety of services to ensure client satisfaction. Their team of experts have amassed years of experience helping customers, effectively reflecting the values of the companies they serve. The range of industries with which they have worked is expansive, and their ability to tailor different plans to different needs has garnered success and growth for decades!

3. Aeris Secure 460

Aeris Secure

Aeris Secure is an information security firm whose focus lies on thorough client protection. As a certified MSSP, they offer a wide range of services provided by a team of dedicated experts whose experience is downright impressive. They seek to make every customer interaction as enjoyable and simple as possible, giving them an edge in information security!

4. Silicon Gigs 154

Silicon Gigs

Combining globalization with a passion for technology, Silicon Gigs works with clients across a range of industries to provide them with a powerful and cost-effective global management team. Beyond the services they offer (including business acceleration, quality assurance, and software engineering/development), they aim to assist in the networking process, connecting as many people as possible to create ongoing and long-lasting relationships.

5. Mile High Automation 137

Mile High Automation

Mile High Automation offers total home automation, syncing different parts of users' homes to their phones and tablets with a clean and simple interface. The installed hardware is unintrusive, powerful, and easily installed, leaving clients entirely satisfied with the quality and custom options available. Their packages are drastically more affordable than those of the competition, turning total home automation into a realistic option for all.

6. Synetek Solutions 102

Synetek Solutions

Offering large-scale IT solutions to small businesses, Synetek Solutions has provided countless companies the opportunity to quickly grow alongside their own rapid expansion. They look beyond day-to-day IT and streamline their processes, bringing change to the industry while saving money. The quality of their work has attracted a large array of clients who have been entirely satisfied with the work provided.

7. Nebulus 46


A sort of Dropbox for composing music, Nebulus allows users to write and collaborate on songs remotely. Offering multi-platform support and real-time updates, compositions are continually synced with the server, ensuring safety and privacy for all users. A large network of musicians have taken advantage of Nebulus, creating a large pool of people with whom users can easily collaborate. Early reviews are unanimously positive; the future is bright for Nebulus!

8. Payline Data 44

Payline Data

Payline Data is a Chicago-based payment processing company that provides customers with powerful tools, offering them services that go far beyond basic payments. Powerful insights, fraud prevention tools, auto card updaters, and more are available, allowing customers a smooth and intuitive experience. Payline provides solutions for in-app, in-store, and online purchases, including Apple Pay for SMB and Fortune 500 businesses alike. With industry-leading security measures and extremely low fees, Payline has earned their reputation as the industry's top payment processing service.

9. Trace 13


Trace is a company that offers athletes the ability to track their progress by providing information regarding a variety of statistics, such as airtime, jump distance, an much more. It is commonly used by snowboarders and surfers to accurately track their progess and continually improve their skills. Small, unintrusive, and sleek, the hardware itself is extremely durable, able to withstand the most intense conditions. It can also record footage, allowing users to share their progress as they please!

10. Terra Verde 9

Terra Verde

Terra Verde provides customers with 24/7 digital monitoring services to ensure maximum information safety. With clients both big and small, they offer customizable options that cater to different budget necessities. Considering the target painted on sensitive information, including health records and credit card information, Terra Verde is emerging in a high-risk market that demands quality and customer assurance. 

11. Spanning 7


Information backup has become more crucial than ever in today's cloud-based culture, and Spanning seeks to ensure unrivaled safety and protection. They specifically protect Google apps, Salesforce, and Office365, regularly backing them up and saving all updates. They've won a slew of awards as they've grown, which has provided users with total peace of mind. Their clients range from large corporations to budding startups, and they do everyhing to help every step of the way.

Think we forgot about a great company? Let us know; we'd love to check them out!

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