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Fresh & Hip: 10 CEOs under 30

Many of us start our careers with the thought that it’s going to take a while. In other words, we’ll need several years of experience before becoming a top-dog. However, a combination of fierce perseverance and being an expert in today’s emerging trends can get you ahead. We’ve compiled a list of 10 young entrepreneurs that took the risk early on. Read about their companies and get a jumpstart on your entrepreneurial skills!


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1. Andrew Grauer 11

Andrew Grauer, a former Cornell University student is the founder of Course Hero. Course Hero is a platform where students and experts could share and access academic content. Grauer’s idea for Course Hero spun out of his dire need to catch up on any classes he missed at Cornell. Course Hero saves you from falling behind, hence the word “hero.” The company demonstrates what it means for technology to transform education.

2. Josh Buckley 2

Josh Buckley is the founder and CEO of Mino Monsters, an adventure game app where players collect and battle pet monsters. Prior to launching Mino Monsters,  Buckley sold his first company at the age of 15. He is known for being the youngest CEO to raise money from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

3. Chelsea Sloan 2

Chelsea Sloan is the co-founder of Uptown Cheapskate, a franchise that sells overstock and used items that appeal to teenagers and twenty-somethings. Sloan’s goal is to attract people who don’t normally shop resale. Uptown Cheapskate wants to transform the resale industry into a high end shopping experience.

4. Vanessa Hurst 0

Vanessa Hurst is the founder of Code Montage, a company that empowers coders to improve their impact on the world. Code Montage allows open source, community driven projects to come alive. Hurst calls Code Montage a way of helping social causes by using our technical skills.

5. Joel Holland 0

Joel Holland is the CEO of Video Blocks, an online stock footage vendor. Unlike traditional stock companies, who charge an arm and leg for stock images, Video Blocks customers can download unlimited clips and digital effects in exchange for a monthly subscription of $79. Holland’s goal is to become the number one spot where content creators go to complete their creative projects.

6. Gary Solomon Jr. 0

Gary Solomon Jr., Jonathan Foucheaux and Stephen Fink are the founders of Solomon Group. The company is an award-winning, full service entertainment design and production firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The trio took their backgrounds in theatre and lighting, entertainment technology and live arena productions and put them to action. They have transformed the experiences of Lollapalooza’s Perry’s Stage, Essence Music Festival, and Organo Gold, along with countless others.

7. Rebecca Hough 0

Rebecca Hough is the CEO of Evatran, a company created to research a plugless power system and build a prototype for the, electric vehicle (EV) industry. Hough and her father, Tom Hough created Plugless Power, a system that wirelessly charges your electric car. The duo is constantly thinking about the future of cars. There next step? An OEM integrated product that should hit the market in 2015.

8. Luke Holden 0

Luke Holden is the CEO of Luke’s Lobster, a restaurant serving fresh Maine lobster, crab and shrimp rolls. Born and raised on the coast of Maine, Holden grew a love for seafood. He started out as investment banker, acquiring all the necessary business-driven traits to start Luke’s Lobster. Luke’s Lobster is now home to 13 locations in Maine. Currently, Holden spends his time managing Cape Seafood, Luke's sister seafood company.

9. Julia Hu 0

Julia Hu is the CEO of Lark Technologies, a mobile health and wellness coaching company. The goal of the company is get people to see the importance of data when it comes to health. Hu created LarkLife, a wristband that makes it easy to track sleep and activity. Hu believes in living a longer, healthier and more productive life. After all, that’s why she launched Lark Technologies.

10. Arvand Sabetian 0

Arvand Sabetian is the CEO of Arvixe, a web solutions company. Sabetian started the company after his junior year of high school. When Arvixe began bringing in a revenue that would be equivalent to Sabetian’s plan to become a civil engineer, Sabetian dropped the idea and allowed Arvixe to flourish.

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