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Fresh and Selling: Great Business Ideas

Fresh and Selling: Great Business Ideas



In today's blog, we present you some companies which have utilized the available technology in a positive direction to create remarkable and breakthrough products for the consumers. Hence, not only these companies have become a great success but have also set benchmarks for their competitors.

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1. bigtincan 0


bigtincan is a Massachusetts based firm which was established in the year 2008. The company is a pioneer in providing specialized business content on mobile devices. Its lynchpin product is the bigtincan hub, which is a great way of sharing and managing content over mobile phones and tablets. It also provides a platform which includes various productivity tools and a very impressive user experience through a very interactive interface. Moreover, bigtincan hub ensures automation of different business methodologies and processes directly on your Smartphone. 

2. Scanner Master 0

Scanner Master

Scanner Master Police Scanners Corporation was founded in the year 1978. They are the USA's top scanner consultant and are experts at providing knowledge about the scanner functionality, operation and programming. Moreover, the corporation is also the North American distributor of the renowned scanner software ARC by Butel. In addition to that, they help different people in developing fully custom monitoring systems.


The company has worked with many high profile clients lately, including the Miami Herald and Metro Traffic Control on different types of custom installation and programming projects.


3. Finally Light Bulb Company 0

Finally Light Bulb Company

ncandescent bulbs have been replaced by expensive CFLs and LEDs as they were highly inefficient and wasted a lot of energy. But both the CFLs and LEDs don't provide the same looks and warmth of an incandescent light source. Moreover, the current lineup of light bulbs found in the market suffer from a variety of problems including frequent dimming, flickering, fading and buzzing. To solve this issue permanently, Finally Light Bulb Company have developed a long lasting and very efficient light bulb which glows and lights warmly, takes no time to turn on, matches the look of a retro incandescent light bulb but contrarily, it is almost 75% more energy efficient and lasts 15 times longer than an incandescent light source. The bulb uses the Acandescence™ technology, that differentiates it from any type of an LED or CFL. In addition to that, the Finally™ bulb only retails for less than $8.00. 

4. Sagewell, Inc. 0

Sagewell, Inc.

Sagewell, Inc. was founded in the year 2008 and have their headquarters in the Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company assess your building's energy efficiency through its sophisticated technology, to analyze the energy utilization and wastage.  In addition to that, Sagewell's thermal analysis shows heat losses from exterior building components as well. Thus, Sagewell is able to discover different sources of energy wastage and inefficiencies in a building and helps the owners to reduce their overall expenditure on energy.

5. Temperature 0


With the expensive infrastructure being used in companies around the world, any temperature related mishap can cause damage to the expensive equipment of your company - including mainframes, data centers, pharmaceutical laboratories and research centers. To prevent any such incidents to occur Temperature @lert is a company which manufactures cost effective but great performing temperature monitoring cloud based equipment. Their temperature monitoring equipment alerts the user of any temperature change and maintains regular records and logs of its activity. Boasting more than 40,000 products being sold to its clients worldwide in around 50 countries, Temperature @lert has been protecting customer assets worth in billions.

6. LLC 0 LLC was launched in the year 2003. It is an online company which provides Clothing apparel for both men and women, at discount prices. They sell clothes from a wide variety of word class brands including Nike, Adidas, Izod, Cutter, etc. In addition to providing apparel at discounted prices, also provides an array of add on services including - Screen Printing, Top Quality Embroidery, Direct to Garment Printing, etc. Additionally, the company boasts of a large customer base throughout the whole United States of America.

7. MicroData 0


MicroData provides IT solutions and services to the companies which are using outdated IT systems and technology. Based in Massachusetts and founded in the year 1992, the company has been growing ever since. MicroData not only help in upgrading the IT infrastructure of a company but it also provides state of the art technology and specialized service to its clients. Their range of services include - Private Cloud, New System Design and Deployment, Audit and Analysis and Ongoing support services.

8. Bocoup 0


Bocoup is another Massachusetts based company, founded in the year 2009. It is a company which creates and fabricates different types of web technologies and assist them to become feasible through a variety of specialized services. They provide expert training, consultancy and guidelines to make these web technologies applicable. Furthermore, Bocoup also provides online learning classes and on-site training and they also contribute to various open source projects.

9. IT4 0


IT4 is a firm which provides top quality IT Solutions for its clients. The company specializes in providing Cloud Services for small and medium business startups and firms to help different businesses achieve fast and prompt services, and to maximize growth. IT4 also provides IT management solutions which aim at minimizing your losses and maximizing the profits. Apart from these, the IT4 also provides a 24 hour customer support to issue any queries of their customers. 

10. SkreensTV 0


SkreenTV is a firm which has made a breakthrough device for TV viewing. Their developed platform incorporates CPU and video processor capabilities that makes it possible to embed video inputs from many different sources into one single screen. Thus, you can simultaneously view movie channels, sports, your video game and Internet, collectively in a one single personalized screen. Hence, creating an awesome experience for the viewers

Do you know of any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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