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Four Things you Probably are not Doing That Will Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter seems to be the social media platform that gives business owners the most anxiety. From the limited number of characters per tweet, to #hashtags and retweets, Twitter isn’t exactly the most user-friendly platform for the uninitiated; especially when compared to the much more user-friendly Facebook.

Nevertheless, Twitter is an important platform to utilize, thanks in no small part to its more than 500 million daily tweets (and growing), and its user base, which has grown to more than 284 monthly active users. 

Most importantly, Twitter’s global advertising revenue has grown from about $595 million to a projected $1.1 billion in annual revenue for 2014. That number is expected to more than double to $2.44 billion in 2016.

Clearly, Twitter is a robust and rapidly-growing marketing platform in the social media sector. If your company has had trouble organically growing a following on Twitter, try these four tips that many companies fail to implement.


Make your company profile engaging and informative

Have you filled out your company bio on Twitter? You need to put more than just your company name there. Your bio should include who you are, what you do, your company values, and should encourage followers to contact you.


Don’t think that can be done in 160 characters?

We are ABC Corp. A San Diego widget company selling to consumers in CA (but we ship to all 50 states!) Tweet us for more info or visit our website ourdomain.com


Research industry-specific keywords

You will get far more followers, and far more engaged followers, if you are tweeting about topics that are currently of interest to your target audience. In order to research what those keywords and topics are, you can use a free Twitter research tool such asTwilert or SocialOomph. WeFollow and Twellow are great premium options as well.


Use Data Analytics to Assess Your Performance

Twitter now offers a fairly robust suite of analytics tools that you can use to see which Tweets are producing results and which ones are not. You should be checking this information weekly at a minimum (daily is better).


Work in Conjunction With Your Blog/Website

While tweeting links to articles on other websites is a viable and effective Twitter strategy, you are significantly better off if you can sometimes link to articles posted on your company blog. This better positions you as a thought leader and builds user loyalty far more than either a Twitter account or a blog can on their own.


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