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Move over Vine, there's a new app in town

Move over Vine, there's a new app in town



Video sharing is all the rage now and it seems like everywhere I turn somebody is sending a Vine to their entire network. Personally, I never jumped on that bandwagon-- most of the videos my friends have created are spastic and disorganized.

That very thing is what caught my attention about a new app on the market. flik is exactly like that, but the total opposite. Instead of just sending clips of your meal and you dropping your phone in your pasta, flik gives its users the space to send thought-out, quality flicks (get it?) about the products they love. Since I'm always looking for a fun new gadget or stylish new place, this is right up my alley, so I contacted the flik team and asked them a few questions.

What is flik?

flik's iPhone app is an awesome way to share products and places you love through very short, to-the-point videos and also discover cool new stuff by exploring other users' videos.

What was the inspiration?

We always say Oprah isn't the only person who has a bunch of "favorite things". Years ago we had an idea for a website where people could share things they love, whether it be products, places to travel to, recipes or DIY projects all through video. Back then video wasn't as popular as it is now, so it really didn't catch on.

A year or so ago, we started shooting short videos of some of the things we loved (a fab kitchen peeler, heated mattress pad, laser hair removal place we loved, etc). It kind of caught on and we realized, ok, we need to make this easily accessible for everyone to do and so it began.


What's the story behind the name?

In initial mock-ups, the user-interaction for sharing a video was a flicking motion. As we were doing dry runs one day, someone joked, "that was a good flick!" Aha! Everyone did a double take and realized that flick had a double meaning completely relevant to what we were working on.

We shortened the name to flik just because it looks cooler.

How has business been doing since you started?

We think it's been stellar. The feedback from our initial launch group of Major League Baseball players and their wives was better than could have ever anticipated. Their fliks have been unbelievable and it's been really inspiring to see how one idea could spark so many people talking about and wanting to be a part of flik.

What has your biggest failure been with flik?

We have a unique perspective in how we do business and how we look at challenges and obstacles. Every single opportunity or challenge that comes along is a learning experience and chance to reevaluate how to do it better. So we don't have any "failures" per se because we look at everything as opportunities to succeed.


What has your biggest success been?

Developing flik overall and carrying out the idea to fruition and then seeing users "get it".  It's really an amazing feeling to open up flik and see a new flik uploaded and see our users continuing to use flik over and over and loving it. Very rewarding.

Also, we consider ourselves "idea" people. We can't tell you how many times we've had an idea we didn't follow through on that has come out years later to be hugely successful for someone else. It aches to see someone else with your idea, so we've made a vow to ourselves to follow through on any and all ideas that even seem the least bit awesome and flik has been one of them and we are grateful for not only the idea, but also the people and opportunities that seem to keep coming out of nowhere to make flik successful.

What about your service is unique that your competitors can't offer?

There really isn't any app out there similar to flik - there are video apps, but they are more about sharing conversational or creative snippets of people's lives. flik is about sharing products and places our users love and would recommend to others and discovering new things they didn't know existed. We think that's pretty unique.

What people are you looking to add to your team? 

We will soon be on the lookout for a few brilliant engineers to expand functionality within flik's iOS app as well as some other top-secret flik projects. We also will be looking for a Marketing guru to add to flik's already talented team.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs just starting out?

Go with your gut. Listen to and trust your inner voice. Whether it's in developing your idea or who to bring on board to help, your inner self has all the answers it needs to take successful steps in moving forward. Feel confident in trusting yourself and you will succeed.

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