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Five Easy Ways to Get Fit and Stay Healthy for the Busy Entrepreneur

Five Easy Ways to Get Fit and Stay Healthy for the Busy Entrepreneur

By: Svetlana Binshtok


Being an entrepreneur leaves very little time for everything else, especially working out. Most people of any walk of life look for a reason not to workout and being committed to your new company and growing career is as good a reason as any (and probably better than most reasons). However, there are several ways to stay fit and healthy no matter what your lifestyle, or lack thereof, may be.

1. Make your commute a workout

Instead of losing precious time in rush hour or waiting for the subway, jog to work. Get up a little earlier and commute by running or even biking to the office. This will give you the morning workout that most people sleep through and you may find that it’s actually quicker than your average commute, and this method actually busts stress instead of piling it up with bumper to bumper honking. Extra points if you use the stairs at the office instead of the elevator. 

2. Thinking time can be walking time

Whenever you get stumped or just need to brainstorm, do so while walking around your office or, even better, take a walk around the block. These mid-day walks are great for generating ideas and shaking up the mind a bit, and can burn a few calories here and there, which seriously add up.

3. Your desk can be your gym

Sit on a stability ball while at your desk to strengthen your core. A set of dumbbells in your office will also allow you pump out a couple of reps while you’re talking the phone, proofreading an email, or just need a break for a few minutes. Doing this throughout the day adds up quickly. 

4. Max out your workout

You finally have enough time to go to the gym so be sure to maximize your workout and optimize your time. Take dumbbells onto the treadmill with you so you can do shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extension, side and front laterals one after another as you get your cardio in.

5. The best cuts are short cuts

Other than actually working out, there are other steps you can take and tools you can use to stay fit and healthy and get the other benefits of exercise, like stress relief. For example, the Breathslim respiratory trainer takes 20 minutes per day and you can harness all of its benefits while multitasking. Do the breathing exercise, which Breathslim says will support weight loss, strong circulation, and relaxation, while planning a meeting, pacing around the office, or doing anything else, really (that doesn’t require you to talk).

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