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Five Best Business Pickup Lines

Five Best Business Pickup Lines



Business lines can be tricky. Let's face it, they are the brunt of many jokes in the non-business world, so why would they be a good idea within it?Forbes addressed this in 2012, andBusiness Insider in 2013. Pickup lines can be beneficial, but the delivery must be carefully anticipated, and the ideas conveyed must fit the situation. What works in one situation will seem out of place in another. Because of this, one cannot simply go around quoting pickup lines in business or anywhere. At times, a pickup line may do the trick, at others, it will only serve to make the deliverer look (and feel) out of place. So what should you convey when first meeting a potential client whom you wish to impress? Well first, you have to start up a conversation. Here are a few pickup lines that can do that for you.


1.     “Is it okay for me to join you?” If there is a potential client or group that you want to pitch your ideas to, you might use this question to add yourself to their group. This can be used at luncheons, meetings, conferences, or wherever a group of people may be gathered. You may want to smile at them and nod your head slightly when asking...this encourages the listener to agree with you and feel comfortable doing so. Of course, be sure to strike up a conversation upon joining the bunch, otherwise the awkward silence that follows could destroy your chances of making a good first impression.


2.     “What am I interrupting?” This also works best when approaching a crowd at a conference, luncheon, etc. Say this with a smile as it doesn't sound accusatory. This question injects you into the group without making you look as though you are attempting to take over a previous conversation. In most cases, the group will share what the subject of conversation was, and voila! You're in.


3.     “I'm talking to those who seem intelligent and outgoing....” This line is good when you want to approach a person for an interview, photo op, etc. Say it with a smile and chuckle. In most cases, the person will laugh back with you. You have placed them at ease and complimented them all at once. In many cases, they will blush a bit and laugh it off, claiming that they aren't really that smart, etc... insist that they are and continue with your conversation.


4.     Compliment something about them. This is as old as the hills, and honestly, pretty obvious, but it still works. That is because people do not usually wish to appear rude by not responding positively to a compliment. Brag on their clothing, ask where they bought their watch, flatter them in some way, and the conversation is open before you know it.


5.     Ask what their interests are. In many cases, when you approach someone in the business world and ask about their interests, they will reciprocate. Listen as they share about their business/service/product, and then they will listen as you share how your business/service/product can benefit them. You may also ask them, “What brings you to today's event?” This question will usually bring about the same results; they share, you share, and everyone benefits.

Those are just a few business pickup lines which are great to use when at conferences, events, luncheons, and pretty much any other place where you'd meet potential clients. Always remember the basics - to smile, compliment, make the feel comfortable, shake hands and look them in the eye. First impressions matter.

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