Simplifies Blogger Relationships and Marketing for Small Businesses and Advertisers

Everyone knows the old adage that it isn’t what you know, but who you know - and that is truest in business and marketing. When designing a social media strategy, think of who can reach your target audience best, and who they will accept and respond to - because mass blasts across the ether aren’t cutting it anymore.

Jamie Reardon Sims and Cristine Vieira established (FYI) in order to connect businesses with respected influencers in the digital community like bloggers and social media mavens. This seamless program allows you to easily create and manage campaigns and connects you to digital influencers, all in one interface.

How it works 

A simple example: A mother wants to learn parenting tricks and to stay abreast of news and developing trends. She respects the opinions of the pros, people who are knowledgeable on the topic and have the life experience to back it up, so she subscribes to and frequently visits mommy blogs. This week one of the blogs, which has an average daily reach of 900 people who are already primed and actively looking for answers in this niche space, published a story reporting the three best organic baby foods.

Say, for example, your company produces organic baby food.You use social media to promote your product, find an interested audience, and tell people all about how wonderful you are - and maybe it will convert to sales. However, that mommy blogger had 6,300 interested parents seek out the blog and voluntarily consume reviews that influence their buying - and that was just the traffic from one week.  If you were able to connect with that blogger, and she loved your baby food and agreed to feature your baby food on her blog post, you would be reaching your exact target audience that is looking to consume content about organic baby food. The recommendations from these influencers resonate deeply with their readers, as it is information provided from someone who consumers specifically go to for advice. Influence is happening within every piece of content that is posted.

FYI provides you the interface to connect and execute content with these skilled bloggers and digital influencers who have developed a loyal following and tens of thousands of connections - the input and advice about your product comes from influencers, a trusted third party, not the brand. What if these blogs were singing your praises?

Who it works for

FindYourInfluence works best for B2C companies because blogs that review products and services are primarily intended for consumers and blogs about products and services are simply consumers reviewing consumers so it has the effect of positive word-of-mouth, which happens to spread virally. This method of marketing can be successfully applied across the consumer goods and services spectrum.

Most companies have not incorporated influencer relationships and advertising into their marketing strategies yet because designing a campaign can consume too many resources. However, with a licensing fee gives direct advertisers and small businesses access to software that allow them to create aninfluencer marketing campaign and pitch the offer to the influencer quickly and efficiently.

FYI saves you the back and forth of negotiation and implementation because it establishes price with the writer and manages the asset transfer, and takes care of payments and performance metrics. FYI reduces the in-house staff that you need to maintain and simultaneously simplifies blogger outreach.

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