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Finding Solutions Through Software Development

These companies work with various industries and businesses to help create the best software solutions around. They are consultants, inventors, and entrepreneurs that can help create a better online environment for their customers.

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1. Login Inc. 0

Login Inc. is a software company that helps create online solutions for law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and abroad. After 30 years of experience creating online software for several industries, they have more than enough experience to help police chiefs, sheriffs and command staff make decisions.


2. Whoop 0

Whoop is focused on physical fitness. They are trying to create a product that people can wear to help them understand their bodies. This means they have to feel comfortable wearing it, but can also help them train and become accountable for their workout routine.


3. Transportation Resource Associates Inc. 0

Transportation Resource Associates Inc., or TRA, is a software consulting company that focuses on creating safe and secure solutions for customers in the transportation industry. From their headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, they help government, construction, and manufacturing sectors reach proper solutions.


4. Time Data Systems Inc. 0

Time Data Systems Inc. is a payroll company. Their goal is to make everything as automated as possible to reduce the employee time needed to process payroll services. They work with many Fortune 500 companies across North America, as well as small, local businesses.


5. Spindustry Systems Inc. 0

Spindustry Systems Inc. works to create an “online ecosystems” for their customers. They help create and market new websites. Their web development and marketing services help to create an online presence for companies.


6. Software Technologies Group 0

Software Technologies Group helps to create a reliable infrastructure to meet their find business solutions for their customers. They are a government contractor that works with over 50 federal agencies. They also work in the private sector and with many Fortune 100 companies. Their focus is security, network operations and systems engineering and integration.


7. Soft Solutions Inc. 0

Soft Solutions Inc. was founded in 1998. They are a software development company focused on creating business solutions for their customers. They focus on flexibility, fairness and efficiency to create the best possible products for their customers.


8. Security Networks 0

Security Networks is now a part of monitronics security. Monitronics is the second largest residential security company in the world. They offer online monitoring solutions both from your phone and your computer. These allow you to watch live video and lock your doors while away from home.


9. River Logic Inc. 0

River Logic Inc. is a technology company that provides modeling and analytics platforms. Their main product is the Enterprise Optimizer that helps companies perform and analyze their business solutions. River Logic helps create innovative solutions for their customers and partners.


10. Research Education Association Inc. 0

Research Education Association Inc., or REA is a test prep store that helps students study for various exams. These test prep materials include AP tests, ACT, SAT, GMAT, GED, LSAT, MCAT and more. These materials help students perform better on the exams.


11. Presto Services Inc. 0

Presto Services Inc. is a software company that provides e-mailing services for those who without a computer. With their product you can change emails into e-letters by emailing your letters to Presto the Presto printer that will automatically print them via the phone line connection. That way, people who don’t use the computer can get emails.


12. Polaris Inc. 0

Polaris Inc. is a branding company that works to create the most innovative and creative products around. All of your marketing needs are in one place with experts in market research, strategy, media planning, public relations, internet marketing and more.


13. Omni Systems Inc. 0

Omni Systems Inc. is focused on creating web-enabled software systems. Customers work with Omni professionals as part of the Omni knowledge network. This shared expertise helps to ensure the success of each project.


14. Networks Group 0

Networks Group provides security services for businesses. They focus on their customers by creating safe infrastructures and online systems. Then, they test and analyze these projects to make sure they are working efficiently.


15. Management Health Solutions Inc. 0

Management Health Solutions Inc. is reinventing the supply chain for hospitals around the country. They are working to create real-time accurate data analysis to help inform decisions and make sure the right inventory is ordered. This helps improve the patient experience while cutting inventory costs.


16. XO Communications LLC. 0

XO Communications LLC. is a communications software provider that focuses on IT infrastructure and managing networks. They work with over half of the Fortune 500 companies as well as telecommunications companies.


Know any other companies that should have been included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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