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Famous PR Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Famous PR Blunders and How to Avoid Them



Companies blunder. It happens all the time, to even the largest of businesses. AZ Central gives several examples of this. While many companies have managed to come back from some devastating PR blows, an ounce of prevention id worth a pound of cure. It is much easier to avoid a PR blunder than to try to fix one. How can you avoid making huge public relations mistakes? Lets look as some common PR blunders and see how they can be avoided.

1. Launching a marketing campaign with no clearly defined goals: As Prescott points out, you should never use PR for “knee-jerk, half-baked ideas.” Before you begin a marketing campaign, you need to already have a clear picture of what message you want to deliver and what audience you want to deliver it to. You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and trouble by making a strategic plan for how your marketing campaign should go. A clearly defined plan can make your PR run a whole lot smoother.

2. Not making PR a priority: While most businesses are aware of the fact that they need to handle PR, many of them don't actually make the time, or set aside the money to do so. It is one of the most procrastinated tasks of businesses in today's world, despite the fact that studies continually show that companies with good PR are more successful. PR is very important to the success of any business, which means you simply cannot afford to put it off.

3. Providing information to the media which is not newsworthy: This is one reason why hiring a PR professional is a good idea. PR professionals are aware of the fact that the media must be provided with information which is newsworthy. By giving the media a pitch which is not going to grab their attention, you are setting your idea up to be pushed to the back. PR professionals can help you to decide what information should be passed on to the media, and how it should be presented.

4. Not finding your target audience: You shouldn't pitch your ideas to just everyone. Before you spend tons of cash sending your message to the entire world, find your target audience. These are the people who will spend their money on your ideas. These are your future customers, potential clients, and even possible investors. Determine who you will be selling your product or service to, and then set up your PR accordingly.

5. Not being active enough in PR. Even of you don't procrastinate on setting up your PR, you may make the same mistake as many others, and become inactive. Often, new companies will go all out to introduce a new product or service, and then virtually vanish once the campaign is over. Once a new product or service is introduced, they have to start all over introducing themselves to their public before they can actually work on selling the product or service. Your PR needs to be consistent.

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