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Sleek, efficient and easy.  For companies looking to up their marketing game, these words are a dream come true. ExpressPigeon, a new email marketing company with state of the art design tools, helps companies have a strong digital presence, bringing email marketing to a whole new level of quality and ease.

Founder Igor Polevoy was running projects for an IT company for years when he found another calling.  The email marketing industry didn’t have easy and powerful tools to send beautiful emails to their customer base in a simple and easy way. He decided it was time “to build something that’s simply better.”  So with a few developers, and a year and a half of building the technology, ExpressPigeon went live.

But what makes ExpressPigeon one of a kind is how user-friendly it is for their customers. Pricing is similar to other companies in the industry: there are different packages a company can buy based on the size of their email list and how many campaigns they need to send per month.   Companies design their own emails – that’s how they can make sure they keep the branding consistent – but it’s built so even the least tech-savvy individual (and yes, even the ones who are still figuring out the new Gmail layout) can use the tool.  It keeps newsletters formatted perfectly, makes it easy to embed other mediums (like pictures, buttons  or YouTube videos), and is set up so emails are consistent for all devices.  No longer will marketeers be surprised when a Picasso-version of their message appears, after carefully creating stunning designs on their desktops.



Polevoy is passionate about providing customers with the best quality possible.  He knows that in this day and age, email marketing is an essential part of running a successful business.

 “Think of it this way: everyone needs food.  So everyone needs email.”  And like the invention of the freight train brought more food to more places, and did it more efficiently, so does ExpressPigeon for the email marketing world.  “ExpressPigeon is a huge time saver,” Polevoy explains.  So, let ExpressPigeon take care of the complicated coding, the template building, the data compilation of delivery rates…we can just take credit for beautiful, polished emails, and take the time we’ve saved for an extra long coffee break.  Now that’s efficiency.

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