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The role of experience is a fundamental one in the entrepreneurial world, as was written about before for MeetAdvisors. Utilizing this experience is a different beast. Evaluating and monetizing the benefits of past experiences is an avenue traversed by the millions in the consulting world. Often times the sentiment comes across as ‘because I [head of consulting firm] became successful, you should listen to me.’ This is in the absence of context and as such can be detrimental to the domain of unique innovation and results in playing it safe quite a bit.


It is all about the individual who is providing the advice, and the listener or promising entrepreneur needs to evaluate the advice giver. Ascertaining the reasons behind an individual who is qualified to provide such advice may rest on his or her prior business activity or it may rest on how this individual conveys palpable information. The key here, and transitive property is a healthy exercise of skepticism: challenge the advice giver (respectfully of course).


One alley on the avenue of consulting is pursuing what a promising entrepreneur loves to do. Now, there is quite a distinction in this type of consultation. One can be an effective money maker, becoming successful because he or she is good at making at money; however, this can be detrimental to one's sense of purpose in life.

(Dramatization of Usefulness of Bland Advice)


Consider Sasha Berson, CEO and Founder of Berson Business Development: occupying a space on the consulting avenue is crowded but his philosophy and purpose is a more genuine sentiment. As a transplanted Chicagoan, Berson worked in mortgages in Chicago in 2001, then launched his own mortgage company in 2002. "I realized that mortgages were not my passion." Being highly successful, but no longer interested in that industry, Berson sold his shares in 2009 for seven figures. Simple enough, but Berson did not necessarily stop working. His experience in the industry and the world of business was full of potential worth and waiting to be turned into kinetic monetization. His advice, which he has lived by, is following the passion which drives the individual to enjoy life.


(Experience Yields Practical Knowledge for Next Time)


After selling his mortgage company Berson found himself at a fork in the road. His decision on how to go forth in his business life was a crucial one which could enable a full enjoyment of one of his passions while still making a living.  "In my determining what to do next, I spent time talking to many friends in various industries. They all mentioned how my input about their business has helped them tremendously. I knew that I was passionate about giving valuable business advice. Berson Business Development was then born.”

(A Passionate Demeanor.)

Berson creates systems for people (employees), sales, marketing, management & provides implementation of all systems....forcing what he calls effective execution. His consulting group focuses on growing small businesses and the first step for his team is to be passionate about growth and opportunity, the next step is a healthy investment into marketing: "Marketing is the heart of the business, it pumps the blood which is sales," he said. His experience fostered a sense that passion is the driving force of growth, and with that his advice has grown in worth and prestige.

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