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Entrepreneurs are not always born entrepreneurs, often times they are regular individuals who are shaped into a mentality that questions the mundane life of the corporate world. The evolution of the entrepreneur often starts with a growth in dissatisfaction with the status quo. Seasoned and successful entrepreneurs will at times consider their pathology when recounting what inspired them to initially take charge of their own destiny.


The most common suggestion of entrepreneurs is gaining experience in dissatisfaction while working for someone and knowing that there are better ways to get the job done. When Pat Monahan of Chicago’s Riverside Graphics was asked about his experience he said “working for a corporation is an option, which need to be weighed.” In terms of working at the corporation as a future entrepreneur he said “You must have the right DNA… to take responsibility and the risk.”


If one does decide to take the entrepreneurial leap then it might be wise to have some trade training. In many instances entrepreneurs jump ship from the massive conglomerate that is draining their talent but when they jump they take with them: ideas, relationships, content and experience. David O’Connor, of O'Connor Casting said “Do an internship, and get your hands on the trade… it takes years to understand a business.” He also spoke about how a potential entrepreneur gains a proper reputation that helps in the long run. Putting the hours in and doing the research which gains essential first hand experience seems to be the concept many entrepreneurs can agree on, (and perhaps one of the only things they can agree on).



Considering that entrepreneurs do not have age restrictions the same ethos of necessary experience prevails among all ages. Bill Garbacz of Prime Communications 1 spoke about becoming an entrepreneur 21 years ago, his experience motivated the change of industry and his words stem from using experience to become a more informative entrepreneur.



The role of experience is just another way to become a more informed entrepreneur. As an informed entrepreneur one can anticipate issues that may not have been clear before a project was started. The moral here is: get experience, be informed and when there’s an opportunity for advice take it and run like the wind.



*Correction: an earlier version of this piece had said Bill Garbacz of Prime Communications 1 had become an entrepreneur after 21 years in the industry. This was incorrect as Bill Garbacz is a 21 year entrepreneurial veteren. 

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