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Finding employment in 2014 is rough, the numbers of those unemployed seem to be high and plateaued. Back in the day there were a couple of options: checking out the classifieds in the newspaper or going to a job recruiter to a physical location and waiting hours for answers that soon turned to days, weeks and months.
The internet has changed this process in a radical way. People in Houston can look for jobs in Alaska right from their living room. It has enabled an industry to grow out of the ease of use. Nearly 4.6% of the employment being utilized is from recruiting agencies, which is a substantial number.
Robert Kruk and Rebecka Kruk, Managing Directors of blueStone Holdings Group, are helping that 4.6% grow. Their experience as entrepreneurs was kickstarted with their success in the industry, which began in 2001. Their entrance was arguably ripe, as Monster and other job recruitment mediums online began popping up at the same time.
Gaining the experience necessary to make decisions regarding the direction of an entrepreneurship is crucial. Both Robert and Rebecka, who are married, began in the business world over 20 years ago. Their start was riddled with learning experiences but when the opportunity came to identify an expanding market and industry, they took full advantage of it.
It was good that they did. The statistics show that job seeking through social mediums and boards is skyrocketing:
In addition to those rates, Bluestone may have been ahead of the curb by nearly ten years:
The demographics are also showing positive growth:
Bluestone was quickly inundated with ads from both sides upon launch and since. Employment opportunities exist but connecting potential employees with the right employers has always been a science. Bluestone is progressing in this science. As entrepreneurs, Robert’s best advice is to literally “Never give up, even working one day for yourself is better than working one day for someone else.” 
Creating the capacity for individuals to find employment where and how they want it echoes Kruk’s belief. Working how you want to work is quickly becoming the American dream of new.
It may be difficult to both be managing partners at a firm started together. Being business partners and life partners is certainly a family affair but Robert and Rebecka have taken a route that maximizes both of their expertise. Robert said “we each run two parts of the whole, two paths: one goal.” 
These days it may take that something extra in partnerships to achieve success, and the Kruk’s have got it: they’re invested in one another.
 For more on Bluestone, feel free to check them out here. 

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