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Entrepreneurs: Is your video #1 on Youtube?

This might seem like a loaded question and you're right.
Too many times I have seen people with amazing services or products who have practically zero visibility in regards to anyone knowing what they have to offer.
I understand. The entrepreneur is busy working on their dream, and most rely on someone else to help them get the word out.
Well, that's one of the things that I'm really good at. I can't build the next great technology that will help mankind, but I can the message in front of the right people.
Here's where the video promotion comes in to play. Sure, getting mentioned on a high traffic site or published in a large rag will get you a temporary lift, but what about a constant presence at the number one position on Youtube  for the industry you are targeting?
Youtube is the second largest search engine only behind it's owner, Google. Where the algorithm is in a constant flux over at the mainland, on Youtube island, things run by a different set of rules.
As part of what I do, I'm always thinking of ideas on why Google chooses to rank content in a certain way. Youtube is different. 
There, Google can actually see what people are voting on, sharing, and adding comments to.
These are all important signals for the search engines to look for and when they find it, the content had better match up, or all the effort used to get the Googlebot to your content will just be a waste.
Videos offer a way to properly demonstrate your offerings, and the best part is that you control everything from start to finish. 
One thing that most SEO experts won't tell you is that getting videos ranked is not something that requires an ongoing effort. A good vendor can get you ranked for a one time fee. Ok, so I don't know how many others will do this, but at Ranksurge, we do.
Of course there are some limitations here. Don't expect to outrank a brand name if that is also the product name. Or famous people. It just doesn't work that way. I'm not going to waste your time with trying to sell you hope, instead I can set you on the path of one time efforts that in time done with multiple related videos can get many views of your product or service ranked and ready for consumption to your target audience.
The only thing holding you back is the willingness to move forward and to leverage this opportunity that Youtube provides.
Ranksurge provides this service, for details click here: 


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