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Community Blog / Entrepreneurial Minds want to know: What makes Mavericks Tick?

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Entrepreneurs are everywhere, though you may not always see them. As business and political strategists, they’re pulling strings behind-the-scenes. As retail and merchant wholesalers, they’re creating key B2B deals to deliver great goods to consumers. Whether offering products or services, something sets an entrepreneur apart from the flock. But what is the motivation behind a business maverick? Fortunately, a few company owners opened up to MeetAdvisors to reveal the reasons why they opened up shop. 
David Shelist, owner of the Denim Lounge, says “Being my own boss,” was the inspiration for opening his own clothing store. “Being responsible for my own successes or failures.”
Ironically a successful past is what convinced Shelist to switch gears. “I was once fired from a software company for being too successful of a salesman.  They just couldn't handle the volume I was bringing in, so I was fired instead of rewarded.”
Today, Shelist is rewarded for his work yet warns aspiring entrepreneurs, “There’s no easy way in, no easy way out.” He advises those looking to start their own businesses to, “Have your financing lined up. Be true to yourself.  Have high integrity. Make decisions quickly.  Expect long hours.”
Richard Sklena of the Allswell Supply Company echoes that sentiment, stating, “Have your capital lined up. Work hard!” Sklena explains, “I always worked for myself and wanted to continue in that direction” as the reason he became his own boss while Maurice Bonamigo of Maurice Bonamigo & Associates admits, “I was blessed enough to fall into it..I was working with others and thought I could do this much better.”
Jack Trytten also wanted to do better. The author of The G Point cites “The desire to provide extremely high quality service to small/midsize companies,” as the motivating force behind founding his marketing consulting firm Insight Direction. While the company charges small to mid-size companies for advice, he offers this gem for free: “Put the time into understanding why someone would want your product or service.  Entrepreneurs are so in love with their product, that they can't comprehend why everyone else isn't just going to love it.”
Written by J.R. Via, contributing writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com

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