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Entrepreneurial Lessons

Entrepreneurial Lessons



Throughout life you will encounter many experiences that undoubtedly others have faced as well. Through these experiences, you will learn many lessons. Whether these lessons are tough or easy, a determined individual or company will be able to overcome them and make it a learning experience. Based on their years as an entrepreneur, each CEO from the seven companies below, offered up a lesson that has served them better than anything else. Check out what they had to say about the best tips and tricks for success:

1. Mozenda 14


Determined to create a software tool that gives non-programmers the ability to quickly, and easily extract information from the web, Mozenda was founded in 2007. Mozenda launched the first SaaS application for performing comprehensive web data gathering, data management, and data publishing. Mozenda offers any individual or company a compelling alternative to the costly traditional hardware/software/services sales model. Their revolutionary Saas model can reduce the total cost of ownership up to 80% over alternative solutions while adding additional features, capabilities, and conveniences.


CEO Brett Haskins, says “Great technical support for your customers. We live and die with the support of the product. View technical customer support as a strategy you achieve making customers feel like they have a business partner and not just talking to a machine. Always deliver the highest level possible and create a culture in your company where customer support rings true throughout.”

2. VizExplorer 4


VizExplorer is a software that makes life easier, more productive, and more profitable for virtually any business. They have powerful, yet intuitive applications that provide elegant solutions to a range of operational and marketing challenges in varied industries. Their robust and proven platform, seamlessly integrates diverse data streams to facilitate automation of essential functions, and provide valuable business insights in real time. CEO Ian Bonner, says “When you embark on a new journey, the key to bare in mind is to keep focus. Any departure from your focus will have detrimental results on where you want to go.”

3. OpenPlacement 2


OpenPlacement seeks to become the standard in the transition of care. They provide seniors, families, and care coordinators real-time information and tools so they can find the right senior housing and home care provider. OpenPlacement provides the necessary information and support customers in order to make care transitions easy. CEO of OpenPlacement, Justin Usher advises, “Don’t give up, there is a million reasons why that is the easier path to take.”

4. Evidation 2


Evidation defines and demonstrates value in digital health. Evidation originally began as a collaboration between GE Ventures and Stanford Health Care, to realize a shared vision for a digital health enabled future. They are focused on demonstrating better health outcomes with promising digital health solutions and new approaches to predictive analytics. Evidation connects digital health companies with healthcare providers, payers, and other purchasers to realize a shared vision for a digital health enabled future. Their core capabilities in predictive analytics, help payers and providers to deploy the most effective interventions for the right patients at the right time.


Evidation CEO, Deborah Kilpatrick advises, “Don’t make claims of a solution benefit without being able to back them up because sooner or later you will be asked to.”

5. Butterfleye 1


Butterfleye is a company that creates beautiful, engaging experiences. They believe in freedom, love and connection, while understanding that life is precious and memories should be captured candidly. Through simplicity and human centered design, Butterfleye intelligently captures your memories, bringing them to your fingertips so you can keep and share them with loved ones.


The CEO of Butterfleye, Ben Nader says, “Don’t hire ‘good enough’ people, hire the best. Sometimes you may be in position where you need to add people; take time to find the best people with exceptional talent because ‘good enough’ may not get you where you want to go.”

6. AirHelp 1


AirHelp offers passengers around the world secure compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. They fight for millions of travelers who are unsure of their rights, lack of time, and lack the expertise to embark on their claim process independently. The job of AirHelp, is to hold airlines to their financial obligations. Their main goal is to make claiming compensation as easy and seamless as possible for customers. They achieve this goal through data and cutting edge technology presented with a user friendly website and intuitive mobile apps.


CEO of AirHelp, Henrik Zillmer says, “Sense of urgency! Most entrepreneurs of a startup don’t understand the importance of this factor. A common mistake would be to focus on one thing to see if it materializes. You may have to do nine different things at once and put in the work required because that tenth thing may be what you were needing. If you waste time on that one thing, you may end up losing time and money, which most startups can’t afford to lose. In these cases they were not fast enough, so make sure you in those first two years, you create a culture that exudes a sense of urgency.

7. Dagne Dover 0

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is the perfect place to find a handbag to accessorize all your outfits. Their philosophy is, “You are what you carry.” They understand that a sophisticated, organized handbag makes you feel ready for anything, whereas a cavernous black-hole bag makes you feel just as disorganized as its contents. Dagne Dover set out to design a bag that will help customers feel like they’ve always got it together.


CEO Melissa Mash, shared “Be thoughtful about everything. Who you bring into your business, who you choose to do business with, who you choose to be investors, surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest in mind, how you speak to your customers, today’s customers are smart and savvy and it’s important to know who they are. Second thing is to be patient, disciplined, and strategic in your thinking for your long term vision.”

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