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Enhance your shopping experience with Digital Aisle

“Smarketing” has been a big buzzword lately. I feel like wherever I turn, there it is, staring me in the face (not the actual manifestation of the word; just the word itself.) So what does it mean? Literally it is the fusion of sales and marketing. Figuratively it’s the fusion of smart marketing.

This could play out in a number of ways. Keystone Light, which isn’t exactly touted as the best beer in the world, hides an orange can in random cases and calls it the Keystolope. Now that I’ve graduated and can actually afford decent beer this is irrelevant to me, but as a poor college student I remember the excitement in the room when somebody got the coveted can (I only know one person who has one—that’s how rare it is.) It seems stupid now, but it’s not. It’s memorable. It’s Smarketing. 

Digital Aisle takes smarketing to the next level. They have taken the shopper experience to the next level by combining direct mailer incentive programs and interactive technology to create a fully interactive display in retail stores that drives the point of purchase beyond merchants’ wildest dreams.

I was able to speak to Ro Kumar, the President and CEO of Digital Aisle and he explained to me how Digital Aisle works and why it works so well.



How does Digital Aisle work?

We have interactive machines in physical stores. The consumer deploys the technology, whether it’s located on a shelf or at the end cap of an aisle.

It works to break through the clutter and create an impressive showcase by diverging from the monotony of a basic shopping aisle.

Say that you’re going to Ashley’s Home Furniture to look at mattresses. How do you test a mattress? You lay on it. Do you want an annoying salesperson hovering around while you’re testing the waters? No.

With Digital Aisle, you can walk into a mattress store, be handed a tablet by a sales associate and be left alone. On the tablet you can answer questions about your schedule and your sleeping habits and be given a private consultation through the technology. That way you can choose the best mattress for you efficiently and in a no pressure environment.

Now say you’re at a liquor store. You spot a Digital Aisle machine and begin interacting with it. There you see all the ways to make drinks using rum, or vodka, or wine. On the shelf attached to the technology is the liquor as well as all the mixers that can accompany it. You can even tap into promotions when you interact with it. Suddenly you’re not just getting a cheap bottle of wine; you’re getting vodka and some juice for a cocktail or wine and fruit to make sangria.

That’s what we do; we maximize the consumer purchases by engaging them in the store.


Who are your clients?

We have clients in multiple industries. We work with MillerCoors and Diageo liquors. We work with S.C Johnson and Proctor and Gamble. We work with Disney and ESPN. Our technology is so versatile that it can literally be used anywhere for anything.

Who are your competitors?

It’s so early in terms of the concept that while similar ideas certainly exist out there, the executions all differ. Some places go after menus or car dealerships or hotels; we go after retail.

Many of our retail competitors are in the concept stage and we’re in implementation.

What’s next for Digital Aisle?

Growth. We’re looking for more clients, we’re looking for revenue and we’re looking to expand our business

We’re studying 3D technology and new innovations as well as video conferencing and if we can bring those aspects into the interactive retail space.

Before Digital Aisle entered the marketplace in 2006, there was “shopper marketing” that typically used traditional marketing methods like direct mailers, signage and incentive programs. There was also “interactive marketing” that involved communication with consumers via the Internet and on mobile platforms. Digital Aisle combined the best aspects of both marketing methods and delivered it to the point of purchase.


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