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Elevate Your Company To Success

Elevate Your Company To Success



Striving for greatness on a daily basis can be exhausting, but, with a positive frame of mind, you can get closer to this goal each day. Seeking and finding that balance between overworking yourself and pushing every ounce of your being to benefit your business is essential. As your company rises with the success you have always dreamed it would, remember who you are, where you came from, how you and your business started and your original business goals. Try seeing and understanding your business from different perspectives in order to fully comprehend what it is that you are doing. Here are a few companies that have managed to find this balance and elevated themselves to success:

1. EdFundr 58


The first personalized alumni donation platform. (Re)connect with the college causes that you have a personal experience with, choose your favorites to see what they’re up to, provide support and see how your gift impacts students and the world. EdFundr provides personalized giving because your profile is optimized to contain causes you're personally connected to. No more random donation asks. You choose the cause, because It’s your money and it should go where you want it to.


“First, know your target market and what solution you are providing to it. Then slow it down and expertly develop your MVP before releasing it publicly, then continue to refine as you receive customer feedback.” - Ahmed Awadelkarim, COO & CO-Founder

2. BQE Software 34

BQE Software

BQE Software develops innovative practice management software for professional services firms. Its products, including BQE BillQuick®, BQE ArchiOffice® and BQE EngineerOffice®, simplify the way firms enter and use information for time tracking, billing, project management and accounting. This allows them to make informed decisions faster, improve productivity and increase performance. With more than 325,000 users worldwide, BQE software is trusted by leading accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, IT specialists and business consultants.


“It always starts internally, you must first hire the right people who are one with your vision and invest in them continuously. Next provide an excellent product and the best customer service possible to build long term relationships with every customer you work with.” - Ikhlaq Bhat, Marketing Manager

3. Measure Square 14

Measure Square

Measure Square Corp (formerly Floor Covering Soft) was founded in 2001 in Pasadena, California with a mission to bring to market the best software for measure estimating on the best computer platforms available. Over the years, generations of its products have shaped the way that measure estimating is being done--with efficiency, accuracy, and professional results. Since the company's inception, the customer base has grown from zero to 3,100 businesses in 2014.


Our all internal support staff is Constantly striving to hear feedback and then ultimately enact the improvements in the software as quickly as possible to better serve our customers.” - Julia Chen, Customer Service Representative

4. Adaptive Reagents 10

Adaptive Reagents

Adaptive Reagents, Inc. is a Next Generation Recombinant Antibody and Molecular Enzymes Reagent company serving the diagnostic market by creating, developing, and optimizing enhanced reagents for existing and proprietary platforms and instrumentation.


“Our success is based upon our ability to provide a much needed product to the biotech industry at a price that is astronomically less than the traditional methods of creating the agents.” - Brian Noland, CEO & CTO

5. Flex395 2


Tuition.io, the market leader in student loan management, has announced the launch of flex395.com, a new student loan employee benefits product. Tuition.io gives employers the ability to contribute directly to their employees' student loans and is designed to serve as a hiring and retention tool, similar in function to a 401(k) match. Flex395 marks the introduction of a new kind of employee benefit that addresses the $1.2 trillion in outstanding U.S. student loans largely held by younger employees burdened with record balances.


“Our goal is to help over 25% of the workforce pay down their student debt, while at the same time boosting retention for employers. Ultimately, we are building this platform to become the next staple benefit for employees.” - Brendon McQueen, Founder & CEO

6. LINC Project 1

LINC Project

Over the past 10 years, the IT Support field has globally transformed and is now recognized as the backbone in almost every area of the corporate environment. As a trusted partner, supporting clients from New York to London, LINC Project brands themselves as ‘not-just-another IT Support company’, but as one who sticks close to their quality support and premium service promise. We value a standardized and equally approach to business, so no matter the size of your company, each user gets the same IT support across-the-board. LINC Project gives your company the support it needs to thrive beyond its means on the front lines of an ever-growing technical industry. Run of the mill; quick fix; half time jobs are not in harmony with your company principles, and neither with ours. Staffed with a team of experts who cherish the value technology brings to your company’s growth, we are always dedicated to focusing on the personal needs of the user by getting to the root of the issue with intelligent IT solutions, working not only to support, but also to enhance.


“Our business is built with every employee at the same level and ready to invest our time into each client we work with. No matter the size of a company, we provide equal support and access to our entire team to make sure we complete the work at the highest level.” - Joshua Silberman, Senior Technology Manager

7. MLSMyNest 1


Our vision is simple, build leading technology empowering consumers to put real estate back in their hands. We offer consumers the ability to manage how they sell their home and the level of involvement they want from a local real estate professional. We merge the FSBO concept with the flat fee service in the industry’s first platform featuring local real estate agents on a tailored to the consumer basis.


“As experienced realtors, we know what buyers and sellers want and real estate agents need to be successful. We have applied our knowledge and employed technology to create a disruptive platform to accelerate the market further.” - Dustie Zvolanek, COO

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