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Electronic Innovators!

Electronic Innovators!



Innovation has set new trends in developing better technology for our daily life and use. More and more electronic gadgets and services have replaced mechanical work and power. Modern advancements including Cloud based services, E-commerce and Social Media on the go has changed every aspect of our lives. We present you twelve Urban business firms which are top innovators of their respective fields.

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1. STATION 1230


STATION is a social media broadcasting platform that puts control, customization, and privacy all in the palm of your hand. STATION takes the best of social media and broadcasting capabilities and blends them into a unique platform for users from every walk of life. Corporations, celebrities, small businesses, and individuals can broadcast to an audience that wants to hear their message. 


2. Uassist.ME 652


Uassist.ME is a boutique firm dedicated to providing bilingual English/Spanish personal and business assistants that are highly skilled in secretarial and administrative duties with the aim of providing you with that much needed time to focus in developing your business, strengthening relationships, and increasing efficiency. This includes personal tasks and administrative duties (contact and calendar management, appointment setting and follow-up, etc.), travel arrangements, accounting (invoicing/collecting), social media management and maintenance, WordPress design, customer care, translations, transcriptions and numerous outbound and inbound call center services. 


3. GothamCulture 56


gothamCulture focuses on identifying the underlying causes of business obstacles and then assisting leaders in developing and executing breakthrough strategies to elevate performance. Their team provides critical, thought-provoking insights to leaders who desire to use organizational culture and leadership as key drivers of performance. Their deeply experienced subject matter experts provide meaningful and sustainable support in a wide variety of service areas including, but not limited to: large-scale change efforts, strategic planning, project management, communications planning and support, organizational assessment, leadership development, executive coaching, and professional development training. 


4. Ecovent Systems 38

Ecovent Systems

Most homes have only one thermostat, so they operate like a house with only one light switch. Everything is either on or off. That leaves some rooms boiling hot while others are freezing cold. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s inefficient. ecovent fixes that. They have built a system of wireless vents and sensors that makes any forced air heating and cooling system smarter. It further enables its users to get room-by-room visibility into real-time temperature through wireless sensors, automatically direct airflow to the rooms that need it most. and choose custom temperature levels for different floors, rooms, or times of day.


5. National Data Collective 14

National Data Collective

National Data Collective, better known as NDC, stands out as a property data provider focused on your business success. Once you get a taste of the user-friendly search tools or divulge in the all inclusive data platform, you'll see why appraisers have trusted NDC for years. NDC remains unique in the real estate industry with its personalized service and distinct combination of data, maps, and search tools . The intuitive user platform accessible to real estate professionals NATIONWIDE, from Maui to Maine.


6. UniversityParent 13


UniversityParent was founded in 2004. It is the number one destination for parents to find what they need to help their student succeed. It connects college parents with information about academics, career planning, college admissions, financial planning & expenses, health & safety, and local resources through our various media platforms.


7. Zinepak 12


ZinePak creates custom, interactive publications for super-fans! Their award-winning editorial and creative teams have one mission: to delight and inspire fans by creating exclusive, curated content. Their unique configuration is structured to support every kind of entertainment platform, so that every package, whether it’s a traditional ZinePak release or another customized ZinePak product. Whether you’re a brand, artist, entertainment franchise, or athlete, ZinePak can take your audience engagement to the next level. 


8. Adtile 10


Adtile is a pioneer and developer of Multi-Sensor Advertising Technology for smartphones and tablets. They are currently working with leading technology companies and Fortune 500 brands. They are headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Helsinki, Finland. The company is on a quest to transform mobile advertising. They believe the best way to revolutionize mobile ads is to create an entirely new design that embraces the needs of mobile users by making it part of the user experience. They have created a mobile-first advertising solution from the ground up, challenging assumptions about how ads work and redesigning it for a world on the move. 

9. Goodbits 10


Goodbits was launched in 2013. It is an app created by Brewhouse Software Inc. which is based in Vancouver, Canada. The app works by collecting top links from Twitter automatically or from your team. Then it automatically builds a newsletter email for your customers that renders perfectly and neatly on both mobile and desktop.


10. Uber Conference 5

Uber Conference

UberConference is part of Firespotter Labs, which is backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. Led by Craig Walker, the founder of GrandCentral and Google Voice, the team has deep experience in developing innovative telephony features at scale. With UberConference it's simple to join conference calls from your phone without having the headache of remembering and entering PINs. They also let you see who is in the call and who is speaking at any time, so you never have to wonder "who's here" and "who said that". With powerful call management tools, UberConference is free conference calls done right.


11. Skiplagged 3


Skiplagged, a small startup founded by Aktarer Zaman that helps travelers hack the airlines’ opaque pricing schemes to get better deals by finding so-called “hidden city” fares. Skiplagged is the only airfare search engine to not only find tickets where your destination is the final stop, but also any stop leading up to some other destination. As part of the pricing model of many airlines, they would sometimes charge less for tickets where your destination is a layover rather than the final destination. This is price discrimination that has to do with being competitive in the industry. At the end of the day, what you would be doing here is purchasing more of a service than you need for less.


12. METIS 3


METIS is a cloud-based, proprietary enterprise-level platform that enables real estate and financial professionals to gain competitive advantages and maximize efficiencies. METIS is designed to deliver tailored, client-specific support throughout the life cycle of a real estate investment, financial asset, or fund investment. Its evolving technology saves time, minimizes tedious manual work and reduces human error by delivering multiple levels of customized dashboards, superior data and document management, automatic data extraction technology, full reporting functionalities, and real-time collaboration capabilities.


Know any other companies that should have been included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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