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Education, Sales, and Headphones: Oh My!

Education, Sales, and Headphones: Oh My!



Once again, we're thrilled to share with you fourteen companies that have us on the edge of our seats! Whether you're in the market for recipes, awesome earphones, or sales solution services, these companies have got you covered!

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1. Bitium 207


Bitium is a cloud-based software that connects all users within a network and allows them to store and share files in a secure manner that utilizes industry-leading safety standards. They seek to unlock the full potential of cloud-based computing, and their continual improvements and dedication to providing the best option has them on track to maximize this potential. 

2. Hooked App 118

Hooked App

Hooked is an app for iOS and Android that lists local ongoing deals and sales for engaging products in users' immediate vicinities. These deals are typically short-lived, enticing users to take advantage of them while they last, while providing businesses the opportunity to draw in customers. They aim for student-heavy markets, giving them the opportunity to find affordable deals while engaging with their community. 

3. A-Audio 59


A-Audio offers premium headphones and earphones manufactured with top-quality parts that seek to create an entirely new experience for consumers, no matter what they listen to. They seek to change the audio industry by creating a higher standard for customers, and in doing so, they have solidified themselves as frontrunners in the headphone market.

4. Fantasy Sales Team 48

Fantasy Sales Team

Inspired by fantasy sports and the desire to motivate sales teams, Fantasy Sales Team works to improve sales and boost morale by offering an effective sales campaign that mimics the structure of fantasy sports. Their incentive-based program has worked wonders for countless companies of all sizes, creating sales teams across the nation that are invigorated and excited.

5. The HomeE 37

The HomeE

The HomeE was designed to compile different devices and networks within a given area and allow them to work together on a single device, making mobile collaboration a breeze. Phones with a variety of operating systems can easily be synchonized to the same schedule and share information, creating a convenient and dependable option for families and friends.

6. Collected 36


Collected offers contextually-aware software than is integrated with different cloud apps to create a uniquely streamlined service for their customers. While in use, it remains aware of ongoing tasks and projects, and pulls information and data from relevent sources within a given cloud. Collected offers low rates and high hopes for those who want more from cloud-based services. 

7. PieceMaker 13


PieceMaker is a kiosk available for different businesses that gives customers the chance to customize a variety of different objects through the use of 3D printing. The kiosks are easy to use, can print objects in as short as a few minutes, and offer a high rate of customer return. Companies can easily obtain a kiosk through their website and see for themselves the convenience of 3D printing.

8. Acqueon Technologies 7

Acqueon Technologies

Acqueon is a software solutions company that seeks to improve customer relations by taking advantage of new technologies that empower call centers to engage with their customers in a convenient and simple manner. Countless companies have seen the advantages Acqueon offers and have built strong relationships with their clients.

9. Identified Technologies 5

Identified Technologies

Identified Technologies offers land surveying services for clients by collecting data through advanced drone technology. Through the innovative use of robitics, Identified Technologies can provide crucial information for clients, and their dedication to advanced thechnology has earned them attention from leading business and tech publications.

10. Dolphin Micro 4

Dolphin Micro

Dolphin Micro is a startup development firm that transforms digital prototypes into well-rounded and expertly crafted apps. They have worked with a wide array of clients, from startups to nationally-known and established businesses, and have consistently provided them with top-notch software development services. 

11. LivingTree 4


LivingTree is a private social network that allows families, teachers, and schools to connect and network with one another with the goal of enriching the overall educational experience for children across communities. Communication, structure, and overall unification drives LivingTree to improve the quality of education children receive and drive education to the next level.

12. Key Ingredient 2

Key Ingredient

Key Ingredient is an online network in which users can contribute different recipes and ideas while taking advantage of those others have shared. Recipes can be easily saved, bookmarked, and categorized, creating a simple and thoroughly intuitive interface that is used by over a million visitors a month. 

13. Rorus 2


Rorus is currently developing a new way to purify water using nanoparticle technology, which is aimed at assisting individuals access cheap and clean water. Inspired by extensive water purification research, Rorus seeks to share their product with every possible market in order to create healthier living conditions for countless people around the world.

14. EXP Trips 2

EXP Trips

EXP Trips works to simplify and demistify the travel process for students and teachers alike, creating once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities that aim to enrich learning opportunities for students of all realms of study. Offering excellent rates and unsurpassed flexibility, EXP Travel has created excellent opportunities for a large amount of student travellers, and their dedication to constant improvement places them at the forefront of the travel market.

Let us know of any other phenomenal companies! We'd love to get in touch with them!

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