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Don't Wait for a Thunderstorm...Get Your Data to the Cloud ASAP!

As businesses expand it becomes increasingly difficult to independently manage data. The following companies have been working with small businesses, providing assistance in the management of their data and cloud services. With the help of these companies you will find your company working more efficiently than ever.

Meet Advisors is bringing you the top 10 companies in this industry, please vote for your favorite to make it to the top of the list. Be sure to check back to read more about the winner!


1. AppNexus 0

AppNexus provides multiple platform options for which clients can engage with their audience and consumers. Working closely with advertisers, AppNexus provides advertisers real time buying technology. In order to simplify clients experience, they have established the AppNexusApp Marketplace. This provides clients multiple apps, creating a hassle free experience using the third party technology. 

2. StrikeIron 0

What is most striking about StrikeIron are the mobile services, which assists companies in sending SMS marketing messages to their customers. This program can send a message to 60 countries participating with 600 carriers, administering a cost effective marketing campaign quickly reaching consumers.

3. NettApp 0

NettApp has numerous products and services; one of the most striking is the flash storage service. Furthermore NettApp has an impressive number of partners, which can be used as a resource by their clients. 

4. Level 3 0

Level 3 provides many services similar to other companies on this list, though it stands out in a way others may not. Level 3 specializes in video clouds hosting some of the biggest shows and events in the world. Level 3’s video cloud is proficient in everything from streaming to the cost, while maintaining a high quality video to be delivered to viewers all over the world. 

5. Informatica 0

Informatica not only has a number of products and services, but has also been making waves in the human relations department as well. With an active blog and involvement in various communities for clients there is an abundant amount of communication. It is also notable that they value not only their customers, but also their employees being awarded with Forbes “Best Enterprise Software Companies and CEO’s to work for in 2014.”

6. GenieDB 0

Founded in 2011 GenieDB quickly engaged in the developing trend of database as a service in cloud computing. With applications now serving people globally, GenieDB has a reputation for revamping already existing applications experiencing increasingly high traffic and development.

7. EMC 0

EMC has worked with a variety of different industries, uniquely catering to each resulting in a number of different platforms and consulting services. EMC also has a particularly interesting hybrid cloud. This cloud combines the finest attributes of private and public clouds, giving their customers the best of both worlds. 

8. Cumulogic 0

Cumulogic provides reasonably priced self-service clouds for any infrastructure. In addition they also provide a number of complimentary services. There are a number of demonstration videos to watch in advance if interested! Take a peek by visiting the company’s website clicking on the logo to the left. 

9. Cloudera 0

Cloudera not only provides products assisting in the centralized management of your data hub, but also professional services. Professional services give customers technical insights catering to the specific needs of the company and the best solutions to managing their data. Cloudera’s main point of interest is their hadoop service, which allows customers to store their data and over time decide the most efficient way to organize it. 

10. Trend Micro 0

Trend Micro stays ahead of the curve improving upon their technologies as the threats that companies face also change. Trend Micro’s number one priority is to protect your devices and business data, with packages for both small and midsize businesses. Trend Micro ensures your company’s data will remain protected both in and out of the office. 

Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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