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Ditch the dinner party: meet other couple friends with CoupleCircle

Clingy couples can be the worst. You invite them to a party and they end up sitting on the couch, talking only to each other, somehow communicating in nothing but intermittent giggles and swoons.

But what if you’re not a clingy couple? What if you’re a badass power couple and you want other badass power couples to drink whiskey and play videogames with? Since turning to Craigslist will likely (somehow) end up involving My Little Pony roleplay and BDSM in a shady Motel 6, we propose a much safer option.

Chicago startup CoupleCircle is an online service that brings couples together for fun events focusing on interaction instead of the same boring dinner party. Users only have to make a private profile, fill out some of their interests, and CoupleCircle will do the matching for you. Best of all, no one’s going to ask you to neigh like Twilight Sparkle -- unless you’re into that sort of thing.

If you thought meeting people when you’re single is rough, just imagine having to impress a complete stranger as some weird two-person couple monster. We sat down with CoupleCircle founder David London to tell us more.


What is the story behind CoupleCircle?

I moved to Chicago in August -- Chicago’s been the fourth city I’ve lived in since graduating college. Each time I’ve moved and I’ve dealt with the trials and tribulations of meeting new people.

When I lived in Austin, my roommate moved to Houston with her boyfriend. They’re both incredibly outgoing and social people and they found it really difficult to make any friends. They were doing what they were used to doing: going to bars and trying to meet people. It’s a lot different when you’re in a relationship and there with your significant other.

I just thought that there was something there. I did more research, started talking to people, and found that there wasn’t anything out there like this.

In your opinion, why is it so difficult to make friends as an adult?

It’s difficult for people in general when you don’t know anybody. Your typical methods are meeting people at work or if you have roommates or different events or activities that you can go through.

People who are already in a relationship have a much different life; it limits the amount of time you have to do different things. Exploring different social clubs or happy hours or things like that often lean toward singles. It’s harder for couples, it’s a much different equation: you have four people that all need to like each other at the same time.

What are some events you’re offering for couples?

Our criteria is that we want to host events in groups, but not too large of a group -- between 8-20 couples, and we want it to be something that has people interacting with each other.

For example, a lot of people like food and enjoy it, but you don’t want to sit people down at a restaurant, at a long table, where you’re stuck in one spot and can’t interact with too many people. Our events are happy hours, outdoor activities, cooking classes -- all things that facilitate interaction and help people get to know each other better.

What tips would you give to any adults looking to make new friends?

We focus on offline interactions, so my recommendation would be to just get out, get involved, and do things you’re interested in. But you have to be open to meeting other people, and others do as well.

From my own personal experience, it’s about trying and going to different things and not necessarily needing to make a friend at each one, but if you meet someone who introduces you to someone who maybe has a cool friend then that could lead somewhere. I’ve met a lot of people through others that I stopped hanging out with in between.

What are some fun things you do as a team in our outside of the office?

We’re just getting started so we haven’t done a ton yet. During the basketball tournament we found a bar with Internet and worked from there. We brought our laptops out and watched basketball and had a couple of beers. We’re trying to get together and do some events with all of us so we can have fun outside of the office together.

What advice would you give to any beginning entrepreneurs out there?

I’m a beginning entrepreneur myself, but one of the big things that I’ve learned so far is to never stop talking to customers. If I find that we’re working through problems on our own and it’s been a while since we’ve talked to a customer and we really haven’t learned anything new in that time, that’s never going to be a good thing. We’re losing all that time when we could be improving our product for people based on what they need.

What’s next for CoupleCircle?

2013 is going to be our big push. We’re really focused on the summer season. Our biggest population of couples is people who have moved and that generally happens in July and August. Summer is also the best time for events and there’s so much more going on.

We’re making a big push to have lots of different events and grow our customer base, and in the future expand the types of people we’re targeting. Hopefully we’ll expand to new cities in the summer of 2014.


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