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Distil Networks helps clients block bots

The Internet has given us many great things, from social media to the ability to telecommute from home. It has given us the ability to learn and see things we never thought possible, and it has allowed other technologies to blossom.

Along with the good of the Internet, however, comes bad as well. There are viruses, malware, hackers and a new concern: bots.

Bots are software programs that run automated tasks across the Internet. Just like with everything, there are good bots but there are also very bad bots. I spoke to Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks, about how his company is solving the “bad bot” problem.

What is Distil Networks?

At Distil Networks, we block bots to make the web more secure. Many don't know that bots are running rampant on the web; scraping articles from digital publishers, racking up huge pay-per-click costs with click fraud and spamming web forms. We protect websites from any computer program automating malicious tasks trying to harm websites.

What was the inspiration?

We started after talking to online publishers about their security needs and quickly realizing that digital publishers had no control over their content once they put it on the web. We started working to create the first platform aimed to help them protect and control their information. After presenting our proof of concept to a couple digital publishers, the enthusiastic feedback we received made us instantly realize that this was it.



What's the story behind the name?

We break apart your website traffic and separate the good traffic from the bad, or in other words: purify your website traffic by distillation. We worked for weeks to find a single word that embodied our core value, allowing through only good traffic and finally decided on Distil. We thought it to be simple yet powerful.

How has business been doing since you started?

Great! We have been growing in customers and revenue significantly month over month and we constantly add awesome new features that our customers are clamoring for. 

What has your biggest failure been with Distil Networks?

Understanding our target customer and how to educate them about our solution has been our largest struggle.

We know we are doing something new that many people don't know about or understand, but it took us a while to learn how to communicate the problem and our solution effectively.

What has your biggest success been?

Our largest success has been our team. We really have put together an all start team that has been able to stick together through tough times and capitalize on the great times. I've never seen a group of people believe in a company so much and work so hard for a common goal. It is amazing. 

What about your service is unique that your competitors can't offer? 

No other solution is able to identify as many bots and as quickly as we can. Most other competitors simply react to bad behaviors; Distil Networks is the first proactive solution to catch bad bots at the gates. We are also the only solution that shares the intelligence learned from all customers into a collaborative environment where everyone benefits making sure our customers do not have to reinvent the wheel with every threat. 

What advice would you give entrepreneurs just starting out?

No matter what you want to pursue, make sure you believe in it with almost blind faith. Running a startup isn't easy. It doesn't come with fame and glory except for a few outliers, and even for them it takes a long hard road to get there.

The only thing that will get you through it all is truly believing in the mission of your company, the need for your product, and having faith in the people you are working with.


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