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Discover Your Next Vacation Destination With TripTuner

There’s a world of possibility when selecting a vacation destination—literally. But how does one decide on where to go? There are endless variables involved: Do I go to the mountains or beach? City or country? Should it be an active vacation or relaxing retreat? Domestic or international? Even when you decide on the qualities of your trip, it’s a whole other process finding the perfect spot. 


TripTuner has simplified that process. What often took hours of research, TripTuner has now made things instantaneous. This clever travel site allows jetsetters to enter the criteria for their trip (e.g., price, location, activity level, etc.), and then using complex algorithms, the site automatically lists the closest matches for potential vacation destinations.



TripTuner Founder Tedd Evers conceived this site after experiencing travel frustrations first hand. 15 years ago, Evers ventured on a worldwide trip (armed with only a Palm Pilot), finding it difficult to locate cool travel spots without heavy planning or burying his nose in long-winded travel guides.


He wanted a succinct resource that highlighted hip and happening places, but none was to be found. Inspired by his love of music and former DJ experience, Evers created his own travel resource in 2011 using the concept of stereo equalizers, which allow the users to slide preferences up and down until the perfect sound, or in this case—destination—is achieved. 



This patent-pending technology, developed by world travelers alike and experts in the travel industry, provides personalized results, and it’s also fun and easy to use. TripTuner isn’t limited to just that site; the technology powers the inspiration section for other travel websites, including DiscoverIllinois and DiscoverAmerica, allowing international travelers to find personalized vacations within both Illinois and the US.



Once the perfect holiday is found, TripTuner connects the user with hotel bookings and things to do in the area. So now the question is—where are you going on your next vacation? (It’s Aguas Dulces, Uruguay for me!) 

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