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Choose the Online Marketing Areas Wisely for Your Start-up

 As you devise your plan for acquiring funding for the start-up, determining the appropriate online marketing area will be crucial for the long-term viability of your business. Use your limited resources wisely by focusing on what will work best from the areas below:


Ask Yourself: Is My User Demographic Using Social Media?

If so, know the difference between each social media channel. You have limited resources so do not try to do all at once. Building a tool that will help marketers? Build up a Google+ profile. Focusing towards celebrities? That’s Twitter. Is it career/jobs related? Aim your time at LinkedIn.  


How Important is Content Marketing for Your Brand Persona?

Remember that you are establishing a brand persona, thus how you write is going to be just as important as what you write. For niches where your users do not traverse social media, look into the older web 1.0 communities (forums and bulletin boards). Yes, they still exist and in fact still play a large part particularly in mainland China. And of course, don’t overlook bloggers/vloggers: befriending them for alphas/betas can provide valuable feedback in building a better product when you publically launch.


Prepare for the Worst: Consider a Reputation Management Strategy

Are you building a product that is going to be controversial or go up against PR-focused established players that will try to take you down? Build in a reputation management plan early on. Look to how Tesla and Elon Musk fought back ruthlessly against the New York Times and won by using the CEO’s personality and data against a news outlet.


Quick but Very Expensive PPC: Keep an Eye on the Spend

If cash is not the most concerning issue, look to PPC to quickly ramp up your traffic levels and users, but be sure to monitor your spending. Unstructured spending can quickly lead to a cash drain, particularly if you aren’t testing what drives the right type of user in to sign-up or purchase.


Develop for the Long-run with SEO

While SEO may often not be the right approach to heavily focus on for a start-up, be sure to keep many of the basics in mind as the cost of having to rebuild your system will be far greater later on than if you build it correctly now from the ground up. As your business takes off, having those best practices will allow for longer, sustainable growth potentially offsetting any other areas that don’t achieve the growth you planned for.


Having to Expand into a Device Agnostic Industry? Try ASO

If you plan to be building for the web and for mobile apps, then App Store Optimization will be vital to gain new users that can find you anywhere they search. Google is expanding its focus on integrating all its services and many of the device agnostic searches are increasingly showing the top Google Play app results.


Lastly, Do Not Forgot to Develop the Culture through Analytics 

Worried about future funding? Make it easier to get sequential funding or do more with limited funding by developing an analytical culture so you know what does or does not work. All the work of throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks needs to be tracked so you know which mud you threw helped the business so far. You do not want to be in a situation where everything has to be tested all over again because everyone assumed as long as things were going well it didn’t matter what actually worked.


Written by Micah Fisher-Kirshner, 

Digital Marketing and Analytics Lead at Balsam Brands



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