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Daily Life Savers: Companies That Care About Your Life

Daily Life Savers: Companies That Care About Your Life



Today, we'd like to share with you a list of companies whose dedication to innovation has resulted in excellent products and services, ranging from assistance with kids to surgical advances! 

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1. Accordion Health 136

Accordion Health

Accordian Health is a startup in Austin, Texas that has been working on predictive analytics in the healthcare space. They work with companies for Medicaid and Medicare, as well as the CDC. Moreover, they interact with businesses and hospitals and try to make a difference in reducing their overall costs. The main aim of Accordian Health is to ensure that each patient gets to see the best physician while saving money, as the cost of health care can frequently be difficult to manage. On the other hand, it improves the efficiency of big organizations and hospitals by helping them evaluate multiple plans and making them more efficient.

2. Raur 22


Raur is an easy and interactive method of live-streaming and audio recording on mobile devices. User can easily initiate a high quality broadcast directly from their phone, and this audio broadcast can be listened to from any device. Raur is very easy to use; users simply press a button and begin their broadcast. Moreover, followers receive notifications about uploads, allowing them to easily tune in. In addition, the company is also planning a re-launch of their application in the coming weeks, further enhancing the already excellent experience!

3. Surprise Ride 20

Surprise Ride

Want to give your children a gift that is both informative and fun? Try Surprise Ride, a great subscription service for kids that aims to nurture their curiosity while being simultaneously entertaining. Once subscribed, they send an array of differnent materials to light a spark in your child's mind. Subscription boxes cost just $24.99 per month for 6 months. Further, the boxes are suitable for both boys and girls, and focus on the enrichment of your child's creativity.

4. RevTap 9


RevTap is a very innovative company that started off as the authentication platform ConfidentTechnologies. They specialize in developing a form of captcha that is image-based to ensure that the individual using a website is, in fact, a human, not a bot. RevTap's technology aims at updating captcha by replacing hard-to-read letters with simple images that are easy to comprehend. In November, they launched the digital ad platform, which is based on their image captcha software.

5. RideScout 5


RideScout is a great app that helps users reach their destination in a comfortable, quick, and convenient way. The app works by showcasing the best available transportation to you, including bus, car, taxi, bike, and other rideshares available to your location at a particular moment. Currently, the app is available for both iOS and Android and is extremely popular in 70 cities across the country. Furthermore, it aims at reducing the cost of your travels and teaching people how to use their cars less often. The founders of RideScout are two army veterans, Joseph Kopser and Craig Cummings. During their stay in the army, they noticed that life in the U.S. had been made more difficult and frustrating thanks to increasingly demanding traffic needs. Thus, RideScout was born!

6. Ship Mate 4

Ship Mate

The Ship Mate cruise app, developed in 2009, is owned and operated by two brothers, Jan and Mike Jirout, who comes from a family of folks who love ships and cruises. The app allows people to easily find out information regarding their ship, including itinerary, excursions, deck maps, and roll call, enabling users to see who they are sailing with. In addition, the chat feature allows the users to interact with their fellow ship travelers. 

7. edMosphere 3


edMosphere is a great way of assessing a school's atmosphere and focus level of students through a very simple survey. It promotes a positive school atmosphere and showcases the needs and opinions of different students. It is a cloud-based survey application that not only enhances the student-teacher relationship, but also helps users understand different student needs. edMosphere was inspired by a desire to help less fortunate students have their needs heard, as many fell by the wayside. It combines the convenience of modern technology with the human connection between the student and the teacher, creating a great experience for all parties involved!


8. Ziptask 3


Ziptask is a company that provides end-to-end outsourcing solutions by helping users find, hire, and manage freelancers to carry out work effectively and efficiently. The company was established about four years old, inspired by the idea that there must be a better way to handle outsourcing. To bring this belief into reality, Ziptask was created, and it now allows companies to speak face-to-face with specialists in order to tailor a perfect fit for their needs. Unlike other companies, Ziptask reduces the wait and work is started instantaneously!

9. Bractlet 3


Bractlet, founded in 2011, is a firm that allows companies to limit power usage and increase savings through breakthrough monitoring and analytic services. In addition to that, they have been focused on providing a number of energy efficiency upgrades for their clients that can be applied to various commercial buildings. Bractlet also installs hardware that taps into existing systems in buildings and analyzes information from monthly utility bills. Further, to increase power usage efficiency, they monitor the power usage in real-time, ensuring a lower electric bill for customers!

Let us know in the comments below if you know of any other great companies; we might just feature them soon!

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